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Deaths to come

Now with season 3 soon coming to an end, and the announcment of 27 characters to die in the finale (most however will probably be Woodbury Residents). Who is going to die? If the Prison assault takes place in the finale I can see at least 3 major characters dying, yes that seems like a bit much, but I don't think Beth, Judith, Carol, and Hershel are done for just yet. I think they can be develeped much more. As for the deaths to take place, I'm hopeing for at least Daryl or Glenn to die during the assault. I think Daryl dying would really make the group broken and weak which would be a great end for the season in my opinion as well as Merle possibly dying and making Daryl step up in a new way. As for Season 4, which I really don't want to get into to much, I think we can say goodbye to Carol, Hershel, and possibly Carl as well as many others. I can see Beth dying next season but I really don't want her to because she is my favorite character (Long Live Beth). Post your thoughts.

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