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  • I live in Norge
  • I was born on September 4
  • I am mann
  • Hjskjoren

    This blog will be my opinion on characters that only appears in the tv series and not the comics

    • Noah and Morgan

    Some people thinks Morgan is Noah uncle! That would have been AWESOME! if it was true. I think Noah said that he and his father were out looking for his uncle, could this be Morgan? That will make an awesome history if it's true, because what's the point of keeping Noah in the show if he don't have a story to tell? because we know his family is dead what's the point of having him in the show?

    • Tara

    Why do we even have her in the show? Why is she in group? Other than being a Lesbian and saving Glenn's ass what's the point of wasting time on character they should have killed of in the prison war? i think she's a waste of time.

    • Sasha

    Did …

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  • Hjskjoren

    Hershel death?

    November 4, 2013 by Hjskjoren





                          WARNING SPOILER

    In one of the sneak peek for Internment is it Hershel who is on the ground?

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  • Hjskjoren

    i got an idea

    October 20, 2013 by Hjskjoren

    This may have been posted before, but I write anyway

    maybe Karen takes the role of the comic Carol

    she finds out that Tyreese is cheating with Michonne or someone else and takes her own life

    What do you think of the idea

    (I'm from Norway writes not so good English)

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  • Hjskjoren
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  • Hjskjoren

    When Rick and the group

    comes to the kingdom, michonne go into a room where shiva is and panics and kills shiva.

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