Okay the first time I saw the character list for the various incarnations of the Walking Dead I thought dividing by families was a good idea. But now I'm beginning to see that that was a horrible mistake. The characters are branched off into separate quadrants where they shouldn't be and makes it look clumsy. Plus there is that whole adoption thing that characters like to do once the parents are dead so that opens up a can of worms right there. I can't remember if I suggested it or I just supported it but I would like the admins to change it back.

I'm not saying disregard the whole idea, I'm just saying find a better way to classify these families so it doesn't look as clumsy. Maybe add another key that is not color based but identifies which characters belong to which families like: A=Grimes Family, B=Greene Family and C=Pelentier Family. The family thing only applies if the families survived on their own which no help from other survivors. Obviously I would like the feedback of the various fans and editors of this wiki so don't be shy.

On a similar note, the only characters that should be at top (aka the "live" characters) must have appeared alive in the series they appeared in. For example: Jenny Jones, her only appearance in the TV series was as a walker and should be moved to the notable walker section. They may have a photo of what she looked like before but thats not the same thing. Same rules apply with feedback.

Who likes the current family classification?

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