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    Okay the first time I saw the character list for the various incarnations of the Walking Dead I thought dividing by families was a good idea. But now I'm beginning to see that that was a horrible mistake. The characters are branched off into separate quadrants where they shouldn't be and makes it look clumsy. Plus there is that whole adoption thing that characters like to do once the parents are dead so that opens up a can of worms right there. I can't remember if I suggested it or I just supported it but I would like the admins to change it back.

    I'm not saying disregard the whole idea, I'm just saying find a better way to classify these families so it doesn't look as clumsy. Maybe add another key that is not color based but identifies whi…

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  • Hito7187199

    The Vatos

    July 19, 2012 by Hito7187199

    The Atlanta Nursing Home faction of survivors only appeared in one episode, but have been the subject of much speculation. No knows happened to them after the episode Vatos. There was a deleted scene in the Season 2 premire that had them all deceased and roaming the streets as walkers. But for some reason, they decided to cut it from the final cut. This leaves you to wonder what happened to them. The writers may eventually bring them back, but then again maybe their fate is to remain a mystery forever, just like the remaining Woodbury survivors in the comics. What do you think will happen?

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  • Hito7187199

    Everyone I see on this wiki is either talking about the main group of survivors' future in the prison or the new survivors to be introduced in the third season. But what I want to know is whether Dave and Tony's Group will return in the third season or future seasons. They are an enemy group and I would like to see them take on the survivors in revenge for the deaths of their four men. But then something else occurs to me as I am wondering this: What if Dave and Tony's group is actually Woodbury? I know this is unlikely as Dave states that their group has been traveling and they never settled on a location (although Dave could have been lying so they would pity their group and take them in). I know it's an idea nobody will care about given…

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