• Higuysmyname

    So,this is how it goes.You first fill in the stuff below in a comment and your score will be listed out of 100 and on this post so yeah!

    If you were to choose,what would your group consist of?:

    Your mother has been bit and is about to turn while you're stuck in a building with her,what do you do?:

    If you were to choose,where would you set up a base?:

    You are being chased by a horde and you're with your boy/girl friend what do you do?:

    You have had rumours of your best friend turning crazy and is stealing all the food,what do you do?:

    You find a stranger on the street which was with his little girl,what do you do?:

    You see a wild wolf,what do you do?:

    ShupertAKM 100 Leoxen 95 Snape4444 95 RYan Odin 85 Gravelord 100 WalkingWithTheDead 85 DevynC295 … Read more >