About Indifference

The Summary is about Rick and Carol on a Supply Hunt and Daryl's Group continuing the Supply Mission.Since Daryl's Team didn't come back.At the beginning it was perfect but at the ending it was sad.Carol and Sam's status is now "Unknown" I was sad when Carol was banished from the group.

Carol's Banishment

All Carol Fans reacted when Carol was banished from the group including me.I feel bad for Carol,But I agree with Rick that she's not the type of woman that will run for her life but instead will fight for it.I also disagree about her banishment because what she did was to protect the prison survivors.Rick could have done something else instead of exiling her from the group.

Question 1: Will we get to see Carol again?

Question 2: Will Carol come back in the prison?

Question 3: Will Carol survive out there alone?

Alcoholic Bob

Mr.Drunk risked his own life just for a beer,didn't you guys find it rude? People say that he will be good but look at him,He's becoming a enemy to the group.He even threatened Daryl Dixon that he will shoot him if he throws it away.An alcoholic military medic on the group is a bad idea.

Question 1: Will the group still accept Bob?

Question 2: Will Bob stop drinking beer?

Sam and Ana

I love the Sam and Ana scene with Rick and Carol,I really wanted them in the group,but look what happened Ana died and Sam got lost or maybe ran away.Poor Ana.

Question 1: Where is Sam?

Question 2: Did they use their guns?



Episode Indifference: 8/10 I love the episode so much!!! <3 Best Episode!


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