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  • HershelFanGreene

    The Summary is about Rick and Carol on a Supply Hunt and Daryl's Group continuing the Supply Mission.Since Daryl's Team didn't come back.At the beginning it was perfect but at the ending it was sad.Carol and Sam's status is now "Unknown" I was sad when Carol was banished from the group.

    All Carol Fans reacted when Carol was banished from the group including me.I feel bad for Carol,But I agree with Rick that she's not the type of woman that will run for her life but instead will fight for it.I also disagree about her banishment because what she did was to protect the prison survivors.Rick could have done something else instead of exiling her from the group.

    Question 1: Will we get to see Carol again?

    Question 2: Will Carol come back in the priā€¦

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  • HershelFanGreene

    Carol as killer?

    October 31, 2013 by HershelFanGreene

    I think the killer could not be Carol because its impossible for her to carry both Karen and David.If she is the real killer then she should had never admit to Rick that she killed Karen and David.Also Carol could be covering the real killer.What are your predictions??

    Is she the real killer or not?

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  • HershelFanGreene

    Hey guys!

    What episodes do you think sucks?

    Mine are:

    Season 1

    • Vatos

    Season 2

    • Secrets
    • 18 Miles Out
    • Better Angels

    Season 3

    • Clear
    • When the dead come knocking
    • This sorrowful life
    • Arrow on the doorpost
    • Say the word

    What are yours?

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  • HershelFanGreene

    Who do you want?

    Here are mine:







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