Hello all. After the gut-wrenching events of This Sorrowful Life I have now become thouroughly convinced that Daryl will be the one to kill Philip Blake. But this is only if Daryl actually finds out that The Governor killed Merle. If he never finds out, which I think is unlikely, seeing as Philip is the type of person who who would gloat about that, then I would like to think that Milton MametRick Grimes or Martinez will do it. I would not like someone like Michonne to do it, as they are already straying VERY far away from the Comic Book events. I am not convinced that someone like Maggie or Glenn or Carl will do it, simply because they dont have the character charge, or dare I say it, the sheer badassery to do it. I hope that something along the lines of this happens: After The Governor launches a full on attack on The Prison, he orders Martinez to shoot Carol OR Beth dead. What Martinez does not know is that whoever he shot was holding Judith. Martinez is filled with such guilt and rage that he turns and shoots The Governor in the head, then kicks him into a pile of WalkersA La the comic books. Anyway, that is complete speculation, so really it could be anyone, but that is how I hope it goes down.

See you later,

Herschel Greene