As usual, spoilers for those who have not yet read Issue 127 of The Walking Dead.

Well Holy Shit.

That was awesome. I expected them to do a time skip, but only for a couple of months. TWO YEARS, though. That was unexpected. I really thought it was great. I loved the Issue, I loved the storyline, and I LOVED the introduction of the new characters, especially Magna. She looks like a badass. There were a lot of new changes, as well, like Alexandria itself. Rick and Co. seem to have rebuilt the Alexandria Safe-Zone bigger and better than ever. Vegetable gardens, new homes, horses, there even looks like Eugene has built a watermill. Alexandria truly moved on without Negan. Speaking of Negan, Jesus Christ. Look at those luscious locks. And that beard! Who knew Negan had it in him. That does let me nicely segway into another major pat of the Issue: the physical changes in our beloved characters.

First off, Eugene: He has lost the Mullet of Destiny©, and a shittonne of weight. He looks really quite thin now, maybe in an effort to get Rosita?

Rosita: She seems to have cut her hair slightly shorter. Thats about it really.

Paul Monroe: Man, that guy must have really wanted to shake of that 'Jesus' persona, cause he looks like a regular ninja now! Ponytailed hair? Check. Shorter beard? Check. Long ass sword? Check. 

Heath: Heath has a prosthetic leg now, which is cool.

Andrea: Andrea doesnt really look any different.

Carl: Man, Carl grew up! He looks 15-16 now, with longer hair and sunglasses with an eye poked out. 2skool4cool, if you ask me.

Rick: Holy shit Rick. Looks like Earl Sutton came through with his offer, and built Rick a prosthetic Somethingorother© . And his beard! Damn Rick, thats a nice beard. Loving the haircut too.

So, I wonder what is going to happen next Issue? I hope we get to see more of Negan, because I am really interesting to see where the Carl/Negan storyline is going. Negan may be down, but he is NOT out... 

I also want to see more of Magna's group. They look awesome. I cant wait to see Maggie again. Barring any accidents, her baby should be more than 18 months old by now.