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Thoughts on Issue 114/Theories for Issue 115

Spoilers ahead if you haven't yet read Issue 114, lads and lassies.

Well, to quote the late, great Axel, Holy Shit.

That was amazing. As usual. I think my one of the best parts by far was the surprise appearance of Ezekial and Shiva, although I was surprised to see Shiva kill a human, since Ezekial has stated that 'Shiva abhors violence.' Oh, well. I can let that one slide. However, my favourite scene of the entire issue would have to be Negan's furious battle cry to the rest of the saviours. After providing a long winded and confusing tirade that confounds the saviours completely, Negan sighs and tells them... 

"We are going to war."

Well, that leaves the predictions section kind of short this time, people, as it is abundantly clear what will happen in the next 12 issues. Rick and Negan are going to war, and it will be epic. So, cast a vote or leave a comment, maybe even do both, I don't know, i'm not your Governor (you like?) Who do you think will die in Volume 20: All Out War?

Who will die in All Out War?

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