Hey everyone, I know I am probably a little bit late with this blog post, given that Issue 112 came out about 2 weeks ago, but I have been a bit busy with some other things!! Anyway, on to the post.


That was probably one of the best issues of The Walking Dead that I have ever read. I almost screamed at the scene where Rick shot his gun towards Negan. I really thought he was going to kill Negan at that moment. But I am glad he didn't kill him then. I want Negan to live on for at least 10 or more Issues. I am assuming he will die at the end of Volume 20: All Out War. Anyway, in my opinion, and I'm sure in most of yours as well, the best part of this issue was the end. I have never been more excited at the ending of an issue than I was at the end of 112, when Negan ominously proclaimed that Rick and the ASZ inhabitants were all 'fucked fuckers.' Which leads me on to my next part of the blog. What do you think will happen in Issue 113? Like I said, I don't think that Negan will be killed in the next issue (Although I have been wrong with my predictions before.) I also doubt that Rick will be killed in the next Issue. What I do think will happen will be the death of a major character, at Negan's hands. I don't think he will kill Carl, as I still believe that Negan hopes to mold him into a protegee of some sort. I think that Negan will end up killing someone like Michonne, or even Andrea. Someone whose death would absolutly gut Rick.

What do you think?

Herschel Greene.