• Hey guys. Again, spoilers if you haven't read Issue 105. You have been warned.

Judging by the covers of Issue 106 (Rick, Michonne, Jesus and Andrea fighting, getting revenge for the dissapearance of Carl, or even Rick has just chosen this point in time to get his personal plan for Negan underway) and Issue 107 , (Rick standing with his head hung, while it appears Negan is taunting him, and we see Carl's famous Deputy Sherrif hat in the foreground) I have come to two possible predictions for the next couple of issues.

  1. 1.  After Rick and Co. try and get revenge for whatever reason, Negan tells Rick that he has got Carl captured and he will not let him go unless Rick allows Negan to kill another member of his group (or maybe Negan forces Rick to kill one of them himself) 


  1. 2 After Rick and Co. try and get revenge for whatever reason, Negan kills Carl and shows Rick his hat as proof, which pushes Rick 'once again, beyond breaking point'. 

I understand that #2 is quite unlikely, but Robert Kirkman has previously stated that NO-ONE survives for ever, not even the main characters. He has even stated that he theoretically could kill off Rick at some point, but I dont think he will ever actually do that, or at least if he does, it wont be for a VERY long time yet.

Anyway, please discuss your ideas and theories for the next two issues right here.

Until next time,

Herschel Greene