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  • Herschel Greene

    Hey guys, TheWalkingDead.com released the official season 5 character photos about 3 hours ago, so I figured that I would post them here! They are pretty awesome, but for some unknown reason, Tyreese, Carl and Beth are missing, along with Abraham, Eugene, Bob and Rosita (but those four arent starring characters, so I suppose that's why). Anyway, here they are! Happy browsing people. 

    By the way, I'll be taking a ten day hiatus from the wiki as I am going to Indonesia tomorrow. 

    Until next time, 

    Herschel Greene.

    So there you have it! 

    Pretty awesome!

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  • Herschel Greene

    As usual, spoilers for those who have not yet read Issue 127 of The Walking Dead.

    Well Holy Shit.

    That was awesome. I expected them to do a time skip, but only for a couple of months. TWO YEARS, though. That was unexpected. I really thought it was great. I loved the Issue, I loved the storyline, and I LOVED the introduction of the new characters, especially Magna. She looks like a badass. There were a lot of new changes, as well, like Alexandria itself. Rick and Co. seem to have rebuilt the Alexandria Safe-Zone bigger and better than ever. Vegetable gardens, new homes, horses, there even looks like Eugene has built a watermill. Alexandria truly moved on without Negan. Speaking of Negan, Jesus Christ. Look at those luscious locks. And that be…

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  • Herschel Greene

    So, according to www.thewalkingdead.com, there will be no preview released for Issue 127. They said the following:

    Before 115 (All Out War) we would run the first 3 pages or so, but after All Out War began, we wanted to play it closer to the chest and give out a bit less information, so we started choosing panels. After we heard Robert's plans for 127 we were wondering if this would work and after actually reading it, it was instantly clear that most panels/pages give away something we want you guys to just discover for yourselves, which means... there will be no preview this month!

    So, what do you think this means? What are the things that "we would want to discover for ourselves"? I suppose we will find out in the next couple of days.


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  • Herschel Greene

    Ok, guys, if, like me (and ThatGuyWhoLikesTWD) you have been following the "What's This" section on thewalkingdead.com, then you would know that yesterday they revealed that Mcfarlane toys will be releasing a brand new, friggen AWESOME Negan action figure, to be released Black Friday! Here are some pics. It comes in normal colour, and a blood splattered black and white edition. They both will cost $25 US.

    Happy Walker hunting!

    Herschel Greene

    (P.S Sorry if someone has already posted a blog about this.)

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  • Herschel Greene


    November 11, 2013 by Herschel Greene

    Hey guys, it's Herschel here, I just saw that on The Governor's page, it is said that he will return in tonights episode. Is this true/has it been proven?


    Herschel Greene

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