Hello guys, first time as an user after months of being anon! We've seen many shocking moments during the TV series, specially when it comes to mid-season and season finales. Which (in your opinion) is the best one? I'll make a list (actually a top 6)). Hope you enjoy and make yours too! (BTW spoiler alert for the ones who

6. "Made to Suffer". It was packed with action and stuff: Rick had this hallucination about Shane, Phillip lost his eye, Tyreese's group debuted, many kills here and there, but come on... it was a mid-season finale! Having Daryl facing his own brother as an ending was not enough. For me it was way too predictable that, when Season 3B started, they were somehow going to escape alive. I don't say I didn't enjoy it but it could've been definitely better.

5. "TS-19". In my opinion the second best episode of Season 1. It was awesome. For one second I though they would be carrying this CDC storyline for at least half season, but instead it explodes and leaves the group with nothing but to escape....again. It was very intense. I felt sorry for Jim and Jacqui but still it was great.

4. "Pretty Much Dead Already". This was very unpredictable and very shocking episode. I really thought they were going to find Sophia (probably joining another group, IDK), especially because we until now have Sophia alive in the comic counterpart. Instead, after an entirely half season of Daryl looking for her, they find her as a walker on Hershel's farm. I was shocked. And made me wait like crazy for a long time to see what followed!

3. "Welcome to the Tombs". Amazing. I enjoyed every second of it. Two big things going on at the same time: Andrea's death and Governor's first (and failed) attack. One of the most emotional episodes of the series too. Rick stepping up about Lori, Carl's signs of "shane-a-fication" and obviously that track playing at the end of the episode (Reconciliation).

2. "Too Far Gone". This was epic. Second and final attack of the Governor. Fall of the prison. Everyone lost in the woods on their own again, some hurt, sick and probably dead. Many things happened, but what marks this episode as one the best (not only season and mid-season finale, but also of all episodes of the series) was Hershel's death. It was the saddest moment in the entire series. You can see for yourself: more than half of the people who recorded their reactions while watching it were stunned and even cried! Hershel's character was so important at the moment, he was th advicer , the father of the group just like Dale was during the first two seasons. It was awesome because it leaves us with new dimensions, new places and people to meet.

1. "Beside the Dying Fire". For me, the best episode in the series. It was perfect, every second of it was. After zombie Shane got shot by Carl a large group of walkers attack Greene's farm, leaving them with no choice but to escape leaving many people behind in one of the most exciting shots of the series. We see Michonne's debut, Rick telling the group that whatever it is they're all infected and that they didn't tell them before because he was not sure about it (but later confirmed by how Shane turned without getting bit). We see Rick telling them that this is not a democracy anymore after they start questioning his ideas. As camera goes up at the end, we see what's going to be home for them for a season and a half: The Prison. Awesome, because for the people following the comic series too, this is a trademark place and land of many unexpected things. 10/10 all the way.

What you guys think? Thank you for reading.