• HerbertCA

    Hello guys, first time as an user after months of being anon! We've seen many shocking moments during the TV series, specially when it comes to mid-season and season finales. Which (in your opinion) is the best one? I'll make a list (actually a top 6)). Hope you enjoy and make yours too! (BTW spoiler alert for the ones who

    6. "Made to Suffer". It was packed with action and stuff: Rick had this hallucination about Shane, Phillip lost his eye, Tyreese's group debuted, many kills here and there, but come on... it was a mid-season finale! Having Daryl facing his own brother as an ending was not enough. For me it was way too predictable that, when Season 3B started, they were somehow going to escape alive. I don't say I didn't enjoy it but it co…

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