New Characters.

Obviously The Walking Dead has a lot of time left on Television

so what I wanted to ask was, if they introduce new characters

what would they be like, and how would they influence Rick,

will the characters show a softer side of him?

a stronger side, perhaps even a weaker side,

this may be a waste of time asking this,

but I don't think we have seen how everyone deals with the different

way of how life works now.

I want there to be a character who Rick promises to look after, sure there is Carl

but Carl has Lori... (for now)

So I guess what I mean is, maybe it's a little girl, who has no family left

so a little like Clementine and Lee's relationship, but then somebody hurts her, and Rick get's revenge

and inflicts damage on the opposite party, thus leaving the group in danger.

Anyway I think this would be an interesting topic to talk about, characters aren't just people who sit there

they also change how people feel.