• Hellogiggles

    I need help.. :(

    November 15, 2012 by Hellogiggles

    Sorry if this isn't related to The Walking Dead:

    i have no idea what to do about compoopers or desktops whatever:

    my mummy(lol) is letting me get one for christmas what do I do!!!!

    I want it to play every sims 3 game (all expansions and stuff packs) with no lag

    I don't want specific computers(desktops watever) as im buying in store and need to do it fast, they have a half price sale since the company is in debt and they need to sell stuff off, so yah please give specs and graphics cards and process okay thanks!!!!

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  • Hellogiggles

    New Characters

    November 4, 2012 by Hellogiggles

    New Characters.

    Obviously The Walking Dead has a lot of time left on Television

    so what I wanted to ask was, if they introduce new characters

    what would they be like, and how would they influence Rick,

    will the characters show a softer side of him?

    a stronger side, perhaps even a weaker side,

    this may be a waste of time asking this,

    but I don't think we have seen how everyone deals with the different

    way of how life works now.

    I want there to be a character who Rick promises to look after, sure there is Carl

    but Carl has Lori... (for now)

    So I guess what I mean is, maybe it's a little girl, who has no family left

    so a little like Clementine and Lee's relationship, but then somebody hurts her, and Rick get's revenge

    and inflicts damage on the opposite p…

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