So on the first blog of my new series I would like to officially introduce myself. I'm a nerdy asian guy living in Levittown, Long Island named Heath. I enjoy many things one of which, I hope it's obvious, is The Walking Dead. As we arrive at issue 116 I have decided to write a series of articles comparing and contrasting characters from TWD and even exploring theories and undiscovered history's. The object of today's article, in a attempt to keep my first blog neat and orderly:

Comic Glenn

Comic Glenn is probably my favorite character in the entire series at least in the being. Glenn ran into A walker infested Atlanta everyday to get the most mundane items. He saved Rick's life when he was surrounded and even brought a bounty of guns back to camp. This all fine and dandy until the group leaves Atlanta and arrives at grumpy old Hershal's farm. There Glenn meets Maggie, Hershal's daughter and the two fall instantly in love. This is the major turning point in Glenn's life as everything else in his life begins to revolve around Maggie and keeping her happy. He even shaves all his hair off (causing him to look a lot like a alien in my bias opinion) and leaving the group to avoid a oncoming war. Once he and Maggie arrive at Alexandria he begins to long for his old life of helping others and begins to get into various arguments with his wife. He helps out on a scavenger team and helps Rick with a riot. Glenn eventually dies in the most brutal way possible as his head is smashed in by a biker brute named Negen