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In Harms Way Review

Hi everyone! I'm a new user on the wiki and I thought I would make a Review blog on the newly released episode of Telltale's video game: "In Harms Way", I actually just got the chance to finish playing it a couple hours ago, Before we start the blog off I will warn users who haven't played the episode that this review will remain SPOILERS.

New Characters

This episode we got to see a couple new characters, which I thought was kind of cool. We are introduced to 3 new characters them being, Jane, Mike and Reggie. Lets start with Jane, I like her character, I love the fact that she used the same method to blending in with walkers as Lee. She seems very mysterious and I hope they reveal more from her character next episode! Now I don't have to much of a opinion on Mike, we have not seen that much of his character. I didn't like him at first, like Reggie said, he is a dick when he's tired. I started liking his character even more throughout the episode though. I'm interested to see how they handle his character next episode. And finally, Reggie. I thought he was a pretty cool character, he was pretty funny and also kind of interesting. But during the episode we see the fate of this newly introduced character...

The 400 Days Characters

Now to be completely honest, I thought they were pretty useless characters in the episode, they were just kinda there for the sake of being there. In my gameplay I saw Shel, Becca, Wyatt and Russel. So far the only characters from 400 days that have been some what relevant to the season 2 story were Tavia and Bonnie, and they were the characters that are at the group no matter what you do. Overall, I liked seeing the characters again (even though most of them were assholes)

The Main Deaths!

So the biggest death this episode was Carlos because he has been in it the longest and has no determinate death.

Carlos - When the group was walking through the herd, I was talking to myself, "who's gonna die..." and as soon as the shots were being fired at the walkers I kept thinking who's going to die??? And it turns out that it was Carlos who bit the dust. His death was satisfying.

Carver - There was a sence of relif when I watched as Kenny beat the shit out of Carvers face, though I liked his character so it kind of sucks that he died.

Alvin - I wasn't a fan of his death, I would have much more preferred if Carver killed him, giving Kenny even more reason to beat his face in. And they also should have killed him in a different way, he was already killed by a gun shot the first time, he should have been stabbed or something.

Reggie - It was somewhat unexpected when Carver came out of the green house with Reggie and pushed him off the building. Not much to talk about.

twists in the episode

Kenny being beaten by Carver was a big twist, Sarita being bit on the arm by a walker at the end was also a good twist, I personally chose to kill the walker attacking her because its just going to come back and bite her on the neck if I take off her arm.

My Overall Opinion

I loved this episode! I thought that the episode would kind of suck, but I was wrong. The episode was amazing and my personal favorite from season 2, thus far. I'm going to give in Harms Way a 9.5/10. Thanks for reading everyone! Vote in the polls bellow.

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