Hello, I am Hallowseve15. You all know who I am, so let's get started. This message comes from me, TheLethalWeapon and Mistertrouble189.

Blog Overview

This blog will regard an idea for a wiki clean-up and things regarding unnamed characters.

The Cleanup

As I've noticed, the wiki is constantly getting larger and more pages are created and edited every day.

Well, I have proposed an idea (alongside other wikians) for the TV character pages and the Comic character pages. Let's begin.

Comic Series

I've noticed that instead of going by Volume titles, we go by event titles. Lukesav1998 once proposed the idea that the Comic Series should be sectioned buy volume title. I believe it should be done, but it will require a lot of work.

First off, we should clean-up the comic series pages by setting up sections by volume title and using tabs. That way, it will be nice and professional looking. That is all I have to say.

TV Series

We should do the exact same thing for the Comic Series. Separate seasons (on character pages) by tabs and such.

I also suggest that we create a nicer looking quote template. The current one we can use for relationships, but I've seen some pretty great looking ones elsewhere.

Unnamed Characters

Many of the unnamed character pages should be deleted. Also we should not use "Unnamed" in the article name. We could do something like "Woodbury Resident 1" or give the extra their casting sheet name. Such as changing Dango Nguyen's character's article page to "Mean Guard".

Also, many unnamed Saviors and Woodbury characters should be removed. The only extras who need pages are ones that have appeared in almost every episode of the season their in (like Mr. Jacobson's page, since he appeared in almost every Season 3 episode and a few Season 4 ones).

Examples Unnamed Woodbury Survivor 5 does not need a page. Unnamed Savior 20 does not need a page. Only five tops unnamed Saviors need pages.

Unnamed Survivors that need deletion


Please leave your comments below on your opinion, LethalWeapon, Mistertrouble189 and I know what to do.

Thanks for your time!