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  • Hallowseve97

    Hello, I am Hallowseve15. You all know who I am, so let's get started. This message comes from me, TheLethalWeapon and Mistertrouble189.

    This blog will regard an idea for a wiki clean-up and things regarding unnamed characters.

    As I've noticed, the wiki is constantly getting larger and more pages are created and edited every day.

    Well, I have proposed an idea (alongside other wikians) for the TV character pages and the Comic character pages. Let's begin.

    I've noticed that instead of going by Volume titles, we go by event titles. Lukesav1998 once proposed the idea that the Comic Series should be sectioned buy volume title. I believe it should be done, but it will require a lot of work.

    First off, we should clean-up the comic series pages by sett…

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  • Hallowseve97

    So we all remember Vernon from Telltale's Video Game. He led the cancer support group...

    In 400 Days, Joyce mentions Vernon's death.

    We all know the wiki has the most accurate information on the Walking Dead. so let's vote on Vernon's status.

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  • Hallowseve97

    The Walking Dead: Last Hope appears to be a new webisode series, or TV series based in the Walking Dead Universe.

    The Walking Dead: Last Hope is a new Walking Dead series within the Walking Dead Universe. It appears to take place in Atlanta or the outskirts of Atlanta and follows a small group of survivors.

    The lead actor being Bruce Lemon Jr. who is an actor of the McCarter Theatre Center. I just heard about it and don't know if it's official or what. But it sounds interesting and I will watch it.

    Their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/TheWalkingDeadLastHope

    Comment on your thoughts.

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  • Hallowseve97

    Yes I know these have been discussed a billion times, but I wanted to make an organized one with my theories included.

    Robert is a new character seen on IMDB's page for "The Suicide King". He is played by Xavier Cruz III.

    Now this character may not truly appear, but I speculated on it anyway.

    I couldn't find pictures of Xavier Cruz III, so I have been predicting that Robert will be a Woodbury soldier/resident. I have come down to two possible candidates. Them being this: survivor or this one, survivor.

    I believe it is my second candidate for a few reasons. First off, that unnamed Woodbury survivor in "Made to Suffer" was given a few minor speaking roles during the episode. Also in the new trailer on AMC showing clips from the second part of Sea…

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  • Hallowseve97

    So I went back through the two pages and saw some interesting ideas and a possibility. See the file naming thread: http://www.telltalegames.com/forums/showthread.php?t=36091

    Please read Fivel and Walter pages for more info...

    So we all remember, the little boy who starved to death in his mansion. The poor boy that can be killed by Lee or Kenny? Or what about the decomposed/buried dog? Well I was researching the boy and the dog and looked back at the game.

    Their was a note on the refrigerator that said "My Dog Walter", I was assuming that because of the boy's age and how Fivel is not truly a human name, that the young boy probably was not good at writing and that his name was Walter. What if the note was pointing out for anybody who enters the ma…

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