Yes I know these have been discussed a billion times, but I wanted to make an organized one with my theories included.

The Characters


Robert is a new character seen on IMDB's page for "The Suicide King". He is played by Xavier Cruz III.

Now this character may not truly appear, but I speculated on it anyway.

I couldn't find pictures of Xavier Cruz III, so I have been predicting that Robert will be a Woodbury soldier/resident. I have come down to two possible candidates. Them being this: survivor or this one, survivor.

I believe it is my second candidate for a few reasons. First off, that unnamed Woodbury survivor in "Made to Suffer" was given a few minor speaking roles during the episode. Also in the new trailer on AMC showing clips from the second part of Season 3, this unnamed Woodbury survivor has a brief clip when Andrea returns to Woodbury asking who she is.

Not only that, but in "The Suicide King", he is seen restraining Andrea so she doesn't interrupt the Dixon brother fight. So ultimately I believe it is him.

I predicted these two because Cruz is a common Hispanic name or African name.


Regina is a name of a character in "Home". She is played by an actress named Indigo (Alyssa Ashley Nichols). This was also seen on the IMDB page so it may be untrue.

Now my only assumption is that she is a regular Woodbury resident or a female member of the Woodbury Army.


We've all heard of Stoney from "This Sorrowful Life" and it's casting sheet. No word has been given on who is portraying him, but I have come down to one possibility.

He may be Bob Stookey or Scott Moon.

Flame Lily

This sounds like a nickname much like Stoney, and no word has been revealed on who actor is portraying Flame Lily. But I have come down to one possibility.

She may be Lilly Caul, and the flaming part might be related to her terrible attitude.