jan: i joined...

feb: i killed...

march: i found

apr: i fell in love with...

may: i got executed by...

june: i stole from...

july: i shot...

aug: i ran away from...

sep: i found shelter with

oct:i ran away with

nov: i punched...

dec: i got eaten by


1st: rick

2nd: lori

3rd: carl

4th: andrea

5th: dale

6th: carol

7th: glenn

8th: tyreese

9th: michonne

10th: spencer


12th: heath 13th: hershel

                                            14th: maggie


                                             15th: billy
                                              16th: douglas
                                              17th: the govenor
                                             18th: jessie
                                              19th: chris
                                             20th: julie
                                              21st: sophia
                                             22nd: jim
                                             24th: otis
                                              26th: dexter
                                               27th: thomas
                                               28th: andrew
                                               29th: patricia
                                              30th: shane
                                              31st: negan
shirt colour

red: because i was forced to

green: because rick told me

yellow : to survive

blue: because i wanted to

black: because i was the leader

pink: because i was scared

other: because i was infected