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  • I live in Temecula
  • I was born on August 19
  • I am Male
  • Grimesfan14

    First of all, I must say that I enjoy the TV series. However, I believe that AMC took some of the fan favorites from the comic and completely botched them on the show.

    First of all, Andrea. In the comic, she was a relatable person who added SO MUCH to the story, having believable relationships with core characters like Dale and Rick. But in the TV show, she is one of the most unlikable characters I have ever seen. At the end of S1, she wants to die. I get that. But a couple episodes later, she's fine. Also, she doesn't listen to the other characters, such as when she shot Daryl (after she mistook him for a walker) despite Rick directly telling her to hold her fire.

    Secondly, Michonne. In the comic, she is basically the most awesome character…

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  • Grimesfan14

    In Season One of TWD game, I loved the determinant characters (Carley/Doug, Ben), but I thought that the decision was pointless in the end, as nothing could change the ending. Personally, I think it would have been cool if, say, Doug had lived until Episode 4 or something of the like. I hope something like that happens in Season 2.

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