Walkers has been a major threat to the Characters in the First, Second, and The Upcoming Fourth Season. And to Celebrate the " Return of the Walkers " this Season.

I have Come up to pick the Walkers of the Season Award?

Season One: Hannah - This Walker is ( might be ) the one who made us fans of the Show, and the one who made our Television change in a different Approach ( from a Filipino's Point of View )

           Wayne Dunlap - If you recall S01E01 - "Guts". Well, you know what I mean.

Season Two: Well Walker - Fear of drinking in Fountains and in Wells.

           Woodchuck Walker - Same as Dunlap

Season Three ( Though TG is the main threat ): The Governor's Heads in Aquarium Collection and the Pit Walkers. Season Four: I know it's Premature but I think it should be the Walker in the Season's Trailer on 3:03, the one that looks like Hannah.

So there!. What about your fave walker/s every Season ?