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  • GreenCulver

    The Hunt is ON !!!

    July 20, 2013 by GreenCulver

    Last Season The Governor lost The First Prison Assault loosing his Army and the Town.

    After that we don't have a clue where he went ( that goes for Martinez and Shumpert ).....We didn't even saw him in the Trailer.

    The Big Question is: WHERE IS HE ?

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  • GreenCulver

    Walkers has been a major threat to the Characters in the First, Second, and The Upcoming Fourth Season. And to Celebrate the " Return of the Walkers " this Season.

    I have Come up to pick the Walkers of the Season Award?

    Season One: Hannah - This Walker is ( might be ) the one who made us fans of the Show, and the one who made our Television change in a different Approach ( from a Filipino's Point of View )

    Wayne Dunlap - If you recall S01E01 - "Guts". Well, you know what I mean.

    Season Two: Well Walker - Fear of drinking in Fountains and in Wells.

    Woodchuck Walker - Same as Dunlap

    Season Three ( Though TG is the main threat ): The Governor's Heads in Aquarium Collection and the Pit Walkers. Season Four: I know it's Premature but I think it shou…

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  • GreenCulver

    Season 04 is Coming this October !!!!

    Since Season 03 ended with a not so satisfying yet emotional Finale. Our Lives became boring ( missing those walkers, the cast, and Daryl's motorcycle ).

    So to kill time I was able to download all walking dead episodes from S01 - 03. And as I watch the Previous Episodes I felt the Enjoyment again, the drama, and the intensity of every scene these Actors do. But Speaking of Actors, You Kind of missed Characters like Dale, Sophia, Andrea, Milton, Lori, T-DOG, and Axel.

    So the First Order of Business is: Who are the Characters that made an Impact to you when they were killed?

    Mine were: - Milton Mamet - Andrea - Randall Culver - Dale Horvath - Otis

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