With the comic there was one thing I wondered and that is if Gregory was dead. I mean I know people survive falling off ledges, but there was if I understood artwork correctly walkers right under where Negan was standing. Yet also there is the height factor, and it seems Negan and him were pretty high up in the building. Now that might just be my misunderstanding with the issue of the comic.

Now onto "Live Bait" and the thing I want to discuss with that is if we could possibly in the TV series have the Governer be a hero redeemed from being a villain. I know there was another blog about it but I am bringing it up here because if the Governer could redeem himself, maybe when Negan is introduced it could make him even more of a threat or something like that. Now that also brings up another point I want to bring up.

In episode 4x03 "Isolation", there was the voice that said "Sanctuary... Sanctuary... Survive..." What I got from that is they might be planning to introduce Negan soon. I mean what if an old enemy becomes a friend right as a bigger enemy comes into the fray? 

Also I know what a lot of people are going to say (Though I don't know if they will anymore, haven't been on the blogs much.) and that is that the Hunters would need to be introduced first. Really they wouldn't. I think in the comic they only served a purpose to force the situation of Dale's death. But with the TV series they could easily not be put it, and we go straight to Negan.

Now also I know people will say "Well they need to get to Alexandria before that." Maybe there won't be an Alexandria safe zone in the TV series. Maybe they will make the prison actually work out for good, you never know what happens with Kirkman or the television staff. Anyway, I hope I made an actual point since I am half awake now and only had about twenty minutes to write this.