Hey, long time no see here. But I have been really busy with school and work. Also I found out there was a forum now but I don't know if this would belong there or not. Anyway, my question is about the cover of issue 127. Could it be that 126 is the last issue we see Rick's group?

Now I am not saying that he will die. I am saying that maybe after Negan's group they decide to end the story of Rick's group, leaving what happens after the war to be in our thoughts and we move to a new group. This group probably being led by the woman shown on the cover. Reason I suggest this is because with Negan gone, they would be completely safe now except for obviously the zombies. 

Now they could throw in a new villain but that would just be stupid and contrived in my opinion and it feels like it is time to move on. With this new group it would seem like they probably do not have a safe zone to call home and so are searching for one after being in this apocalypse for about 2 or so years. So we also would get The Walking Dead back to being a story of survival instead of a war like it is now.

Of course there could also be this idea: This group is heading towards Rick's group and looking for safety. They are out on the road and looking for a place to call home when they end up in Washington D.C. (They are still in that area if the hilltop colony is there right?) Yet on their way they face dangers of zombies, marauders, all of that and lose people before getting there. That could possibly be a full story for volume 22. 

Now these may seem like stupid ideas but they came up in my head and I wanted to know what you all thought about them. I personally would like a new group, though there is nothing wrong with Rick's group even though I can't see what else they could do.