Hey, Greatrieck here, and  felt the need to give me view on Mazzara's seasons of The Walking Dead. Reason I felt to do this is because I see so much hate from the comic fans on the blogs, and I myself am a hardcore fan of the comics as well. Now I am gonna be prepared for everyone on the Wikia to hate me... I actually think we are being too harsh on hm. 

Reason I say that is because most I see who hate him hate him purely for not doing things too similar to the comic series. Now I may be wrong but that's just my observation, now I actually like the changes he made from the comic.Example, I love how he started the Governer off as a somewhat sane man who did things to protect his city instead of how he was in the comics. 

I mean in the comic, before the novels were made, he was an extreme psychopath who just was kinda ridiculous with some actions (Zombie incest). But anyway, back onto TV Governer. As I said, I liked how he changed and how he slowly became crazy, and he got a lot of good camera time. Next thing I see a lot of complaints about is Andrea.

Now I don't know if the way Andrea was continued to be written was off of Darabont's original season or not, but I liked seeing how different she was from her comic counterpart, though I didn't really like her. Though to be honest did anyone like TV Andrea? Not from what I could tell and she just kept being stupid so she was eventually gonna die. Yet when the whole Woodbury thing came I liked seeing how she was now on the opposite side of Rick's group, though not intentionally, and seeing how after the Governer and Rick started to be enemies how Rick's group treated her when she came by the prison. Though I don't think people really talk about all the much so... Moving on.

Next is the prisoners and killing them off pretty quick. I feel that this was a good  change. Good thing for it was that with Big Tiny dying one episode after introduction is that it showed Rick if he needed to keep this place safe he might need to kill Tomas, and eventually does. Next good thing is with Andrew, showing that Rick was careless to let him get away alive, causing the death of T-Dog and Lori. Then there was Axel's death, which I felt was necessary for what they were building up to, which was making a prison society. If they were to stay there the people that moved in from Woodbury would have not really been as comfortable with the fact they live among inmates. So though I liked Axel I felt his death was needed.

Though for Oscar I kinda thought that he was gonna be Dexter's counterpart, and since a lot of time had passed they would be able to get along. Which of course they did but that was only short lived sadly. Now onto another that came to mind, Daryl. 

For Daryl, I actually really like what Daryl has become. I know a lot of people hate how he is prepared for anything and everything, but I feel that someone like that is realistic. If you were around in the apocalypse as much as he was, you would be sure to have been prepared for anything by this point. So is he a bit too perfect? Sure, but well, why shouldn't someone be super prepared and attentive to their surroundings? I think someone like that is a good addition to any group.

Next are the many big changes in the show made by Mazzara. I felt that the majority of them were good, such as having Dale die early. Sure this was because Jeffrey DeMunn left, and then when he was done with whatever happened (I probably should look up more so this probably isn't my best point.) he wasn't allowed back on, it still felt like a good thing to include. Then is lessening the amount of family members in the Greene,  as most were purely redshirts. Hell almost all the Greene children are still alive (Shawn Excluded.) and make major contributions to the group, even Beth. 

Then there was introducing Tyreese later into the story. I feel like that introducing him later on and being on the Governers side (Sorta) was good, showing that people just end up with the wrong people but can get a redempton later on. Unlike the thing with Mitch which I felt wasn't badass of Daryl but that is another time. Also I liked having Judith around without Lori to be with her, and how they needed to get food for her. Also I liked how they killed Sophia off, making Carol into a hardened woman instead of the overdependant blonde from the comics.

Last thing I will be talking about since I got to cook dinner soon is Welcome To The Tombs. People hated it but I really liked t. One I already talked about is Andrea's death and how I liked that change from the TV. Next is the attempt at a prison assault, where it showed that they were just people, not even prepared to kill another human since they are not soldiers. Then the Governer's snapping and killing them all, showing that man's true nature, it was fitting. Then he had to deal with consequences of it as he had nowhere to return to, and as later shown his two remaining friends abandoned him and his city was vacated. 

Now I hope that later I could make a few more points but that is another time. Also sorry for the long lengthy essay about it all. Again, I love both the comics and the TV series, and the Telltale game too.