Hello, this is the Greatrieck here. With the ten years the series has been around, comic and all, I feel there are just some really goddamn stupid things that I just hated, Now this is purely from what happens IN THE FUCKING STORY, so if people who hate Glen Mazzara complain I didn't put him as no.1 or some shit like that, shut the fuck up. Now, moving on

5. Ben killing Billy (Comic series): I really hated this mainly because it came out of nowhere. You have never really seen these kids for the longest time do anything, then out of nowhere, one is crazy and kills the other. I feel it was just a huge stupid thing to make Dale suceptible to being attacked and then captured by the Hunters, which I liked them but they coulda been brought in another, smarter way,

4. Daryl killing Mitch (TV series): Now I do not hate, nor am I fan of Daryl, but I do like him sometimes. Anyway, the reason I hate this is beause it really wasn't making him seem "cool" or whatever they were trying to do. Instead he just seemed like a dick to me by killing a surrendering person, I mean sure Mitch used the tank to destroy most of the prison but hell, it was on the Governers demand. Also it is more dickish when you consider that Daryl has aim, and he aimed for the chest instead of the head, like he wanted to have the guy reanimate (Though we will never see it).

3. Anything involving Lilly (Comic's and Games, have not read the novels.): I fucking hate Boba Fett's. What I mean are characters who only do like a total of 1 or 2 things any one else could have done and they get some sort of fanbase that want's more. When I saw her in the game I was hoping to kill her when Lee held her against the RV, but they wanted to secure that this was the Lilly from Woodbury so you could leave her behind, which I did. But I just couldn't pick one moment, so I chose them all. Now television version I did not mind since she had real development and well she grew close to the Governer and was fitting to kill him when he was close to dying from Michonne stabbing him. Now, I think this is my worst point but I feel I had to include it.

2. Tyreese's gym scene (Comics): This and my number 1 are similar in that both characters I am gonna talk about are in a crowd of walkers with no way out. With the gym, I called total bullshit on it since there was no way one man, no matter what could have that much stamina to continually kill that many walkers with no break until they were all dead. Even with him, he should have been able to kill like a good amount then run out of stamina and been devoured. Now I probably will get a lot of counterpoints with other people too, but again this is how I feel about moments from all media's of TWD. Next one I hate because of how annoying people became because of it.

1. Kenny get's surrounded (Video game): This like Tyreese I can call total bullshit on since well he could live in one scenario but in the other he is totally fucking dead. With Christa's situation he could have lived since there weren't too many walkers. Ben however, with Ben he is dead no matter what, too many walkers and I am sure as fuck they wouldn't do another gym scene again. But what really pisses me off, and I am breaking my rule for this countdown, is the fan debates. I hate how people pull the stupidest reasons out of their asses for why Kenny is still alive, since you dont see him die. Well with the Ben situation you can hear him scream then it stops if I remember correctly. I just wish so the stupid "Is he alive or dead" stuff would go away that they showed him actually being consumed, since that would shut people up for good.

Alright, that is my top five. Tell me your top five moments of TWD you hate, and also if you agree or disagree with my choices. Also sorry if you feel I am a bit too rude in this, it's just a topic that pisses me off. Oh, and tell me if you think I should do another top 5. Till then I am off, see ya next time.