Hey this is probably a blog that has been done a lot but given that we now know Tavia is part of Carver's group what do you think is going on with each of the 400 days protagonists? With this blog I am going to give my theory with what I think happened to them if they did/ didn't go with Tavia. Now Bonnie will be excluded off this list as we know where she is. 

Now without further ado....


If Vince went with Tavia to Carver's group: If he on your files I would say that he is probably some sort of guard or something at the gate of the camp, I can't be entirely sure since I didn't really think much about Vince when coming up with ideas. That or he could be alternate with people when they go out and hunt for deserters or food or stuff like that since we don't know how the camp runs yet. 

If he did not go with Tavia: I think with the fourth episode of season 2 that the group you see in the background of the title picture is everyone who did not go with Tavia in 400 days. I think Vince will be among that group with  Eddie if that is him  and meet Clementine along the way in episode 4.  Yeah not too much to say about Vince so moving on.


Carter's group:  I think that if he went with Tavia he might be dead. The reason for this is because he would see that Eddie is not at the camp and a few days after see what kinda crazy asshole Carver might be and make a run for it. Of course Carver does not take desertion well. Then to show the other 400 days people how things are done will find him and have executed him long before Clem's group arrives there. 

Stayed behind: I think he and the group might have split up after a walker attack, everyone who getting separated as Wyatt will be with Russell (Determinant). The two will think everyone else at the camp is dead as they decide to continue their search for the people they are looking for, Eddie and Russell's Grandma (Determinant again). Then I don't know how we would see them unless they both end up dead with Clementine seeing their corpses when and if she escapes Carver's group.


Carver's group:  He is another one I see dead. He would not get along with Carver at all, in fact probably tell the psycho to fuck off. Now this may not happen if it turns out his grandmother is there. If she is there then he would grin and bear it to keep her safe, despite hating the community he is stuck in. But if that is not the case he would probably try to threaten Carver to let him leave only to have Carver beat the shit out of him or the guards kill him or leave him heavily injured as he runs to be walker food.

Stayed behind: Just gonna go into a bit more detail with this. I want to correct that only one of them might end up dead if either or both or neither. I think it would be interesting determinantly if the two did escape to end up surrounded by walkers in the beginning of episode 4 and have a huge sequence where they are trying to escape the walkers but one miss will get you killed and it determines who Clem sees dead and who she sees alive. Probably not going to happen though.

Shel and Becca

Carver's group:  The two would be stuck in the camp doing whatever tasks they are told to do. Shel would not want to put her little sister and they probably could not do what they did to escape Roman's group. So they would be miserable but have to put up with it as they have no way out at all. I think Shel would be searching with Carver for Carlos's group and see Roman who tried to fire at her and maybe she killed Roman to finally relieve herself of that worry.

Stayed behind: I think the two would be with Vince at the new group with Eddie, other than that I don't know.

Thanks for reading and tell me what you think about these idea's. Also tell me if this belongs in the blogs or the forums. I am more used to just posting to blogs so that's what I do on default.