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  • Greatrieck

    Hey this is probably a blog that has been done a lot but given that we now know Tavia is part of Carver's group what do you think is going on with each of the 400 days protagonists? With this blog I am going to give my theory with what I think happened to them if they did/ didn't go with Tavia. Now Bonnie will be excluded off this list as we know where she is. 

    Now without further ado....

    If Vince went with Tavia to Carver's group: If he on your files I would say that he is probably some sort of guard or something at the gate of the camp, I can't be entirely sure since I didn't really think much about Vince when coming up with ideas. That or he could be alternate with people when they go out and hunt for deserters or food or stuff like that …

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  • Greatrieck

    Hey, long time no see here. But I have been really busy with school and work. Also I found out there was a forum now but I don't know if this would belong there or not. Anyway, my question is about the cover of issue 127. Could it be that 126 is the last issue we see Rick's group?

    Now I am not saying that he will die. I am saying that maybe after Negan's group they decide to end the story of Rick's group, leaving what happens after the war to be in our thoughts and we move to a new group. This group probably being led by the woman shown on the cover. Reason I suggest this is because with Negan gone, they would be completely safe now except for obviously the zombies. 

    Now they could throw in a new villain but that would just be stupid and con…

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  • Greatrieck

    Hello, this is the Greatrieck here with a blog counter to what I did last week. Last week I did my top 5 most hated moments, now I am going to do my top five favorites. Feel free to disagree, and post your own favorite moments in the comments below. Now let's begin. Oh and spoilers ahead!

    Alisha was a pointless character, that's all I can say about her since aside from she was a lesbian. But what makes me like this moment is I just like the idea of a kid without hesitation killing an adult. An example of this I can think of is from Breaking Bad when Tomas Cantillo was ordered to kill Jesse's friend Combo to get into the gang. So of course he does that and with no hesitation and shoots him twice. 

    I think it also shows that Carol taught Lizzi…

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  • Greatrieck

    Hello, this is the Greatrieck here. With the ten years the series has been around, comic and all, I feel there are just some really goddamn stupid things that I just hated, Now this is purely from what happens IN THE FUCKING STORY, so if people who hate Glen Mazzara complain I didn't put him as no.1 or some shit like that, shut the fuck up. Now, moving on

    5. Ben killing Billy (Comic series): I really hated this mainly because it came out of nowhere. You have never really seen these kids for the longest time do anything, then out of nowhere, one is crazy and kills the other. I feel it was just a huge stupid thing to make Dale suceptible to being attacked and then captured by the Hunters, which I liked them but they coulda been brought in anot…

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  • Greatrieck

    Called It! (Spoilers)

    December 24, 2013 by Greatrieck

    A while back I made a blog about how father's in The Walking Dead always die before their kids are born, and how since Omid was going to be a father he might die. Sadly I called right on the mark with that, and well he is dead. Though now we have Alvin, whose girlfriend Rebecca is pregnant. 

    I know these prediction threads are getting old but since Alvin is a father to be, do you think he will get killed like every single Walking Dead father (Rick doesn't count) or will he probably live to at least see his child born? Also sorry if people get annoyed because this is a speculation thread and I know we have a lot of them, just wanted your view on this.

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