So with Season 4 so close, I had to take one more shot at insulting previous Seasons! XD This blog will discuss my least favorite episode of each Season and I will tell you what the worst overall is.

Season 1


So in 2010 we got the amazing premiere of The Walking Dead, which to this day is still the best episode of the Season and one of the best out of all the Seasons. So what is the worst episode of the stellar Season...well:


"Don't take my grandson."
—Abuela being stupid and she needs her pills.

You are all probably scratching your heads on this one and I still am myself, the Season was so good it was hard to pick a worst. However I picked Vatos as it to me seemed a tad bit contrived, mostly due to the nursing home stuff. What I mean by this is that the Vatos being in the middle of a walker infested Atlanta, shouting at each other and making all that noise with the medical equipment is a bit much to chew. 

I also hated Abuela, now she seemed like a nice old lady...but c'mon lets be real here, she looked like she was about to pass out and her actor was not particularly fantastic either.

I don't really have anything else to say, the episode is still good and should be watched as it is vital to Season 3 (Merle).

Episode Score: 8.5/10 - Great 

Season 2


So The Walking returned again for Season 2 and it started with a bang in "What Lies Ahead" and then it fizzled in "Bloodletting" and built up again in the fantastic "Save The Last One." However the fourth episode, still to this day brings me hideous nightmares:

Cherokee Rose: 

"Looks like we've got ourselves a swimmer."
—Dale giving us the most cringe worthy line of Season 2.

Ok so this episode was the low-point of The Walking Dead: Season 2. It had many problems; Firstly it was way, way to slow, now I like slower episodes, but when you want to throw your head threw a meat grinder for some excitement the show is doing something wrong. 

You may all be saying..."but, but the well walker!" I am well aware of this scene and it was the worst part of the Season, possibly the show. Firstly the survivors said it had grown gills!? What, since when could walkers turn into Pokemon and evolve into "swimmers!" The pacing was all over the bloody place, I mean Glenn getting dropped down the well looked like it had been directed by Paul. W.S. Anderson (Except the slow motion). We all knew he was getting out of there alive and it served no point but filler as the writers could not think of something to put there instead. The well walker destroyed the whole point of walkers and has forever tainted my vision of Season 2.

Other than that we had the pointless Daryl scene which in the long game of things served no bloody purpose! Sophia was dead and we just got 5 minutes of Daryl sniffing a flower and no this is not character development, this is some weird flower porn. 

We also got more Rick and Hershel talking about farm stuff...seriously by this point they had had this conversation five bloody times! All in all it was a useless episode that serves no purpose, other than watching Glenn and Maggie talk "dirty."

Episode Score: 6/10 - Decent

Season 3


So Season 3 comes around in 2012 and the action and scale has increased, but we got 16 episodes, which the Season used poorly and a lot of it felt like useless filler, it is probably the weakest out of the three Seasons and has a few stinkers, most notably: 


"Come on! Do it!"
—Allen providing pointless dialogue, cause at this point he was such a poor version of his comic character we wanted to forget he was there.

So yes Andrea's totally needed episode is the worst, coming in at a very close second was the trashy finale Welcome to the Tombs. Were to begin on this one...oh yeah the start, duh! 

So this episode served as the 14th episode of the Season and like Cherokee Rose is served no purpose in the long game. This episode could have been done in 5 minutes, instead we got one of the most poorly written chase scenes I have ever had the displeasure of watching.

The chase and stalking was supposed to be scary but it really came off as a Benny Hill routine, I mean you could slap the Benny Hill theme in there and no one would notice. The Governor's whistling was so cringe-worthy I almost died laughing in my seat and when Andrea was behind the crate and he could not see her... 

The Milton and Andrea segments were terrible, I mean golly gosh Milton the guy is a bloody murderer who keeps heads in fish tanks and is preparing a chair for somebody's gruesome torture, yet he still think he can reach him...with what the power of science!? 

Allen and Tyreese's scene were pointless, Tyreese fails at picking up Allen and tries again, almost killing him...if only anyone cared. Hey, at least we got a line out of Shumpert! 

The the climax occurred, Andrea made it to the Prison and started waving!!! WHAT!? I like Andrea but for peeps sake run those legs off Missy! Then The Governor catches her...err what! He was trapped in a room full of walkers and was dead set a few seconds behind her. He had managed to track her this far...did Merle teach him or something! Also Andrea did not tale his bloody car! 

To sum up, this episode was a pile of horse droppings that should never be watched again. Absolutely no point...not even a sex scene! Ugh, Glen Mazzara you idiot! 

Episode Score: 4/10 - Poor 

Closing Thoughts

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So there you have it, my worst episode of each Season. I am looking forward to Season 4 and if they have sorted out the pacing problems, then heck yes! We should be in for a wild ride...also no more Prey like episode please! 

So what did you think? Do you think I am spot on? Or do you have different thoughts on the worst of the worst? Do you think Season 4 will be the best Season yet?

Thanks for reading ladies and gentlemen, I hope you enjoyed!