Hello all! This is going to be a blog about what is happening in the wiki, as some recent changes have and will be happening soon. As you all know, I am an admin on this wiki and changing things up is something I must see to. Don't worry, though, none of these changes involve banning or deleting pages people have worked hard on. I just feel it is important to let y'all everything that has and will happen. So, sit back and read...then feel free to post any comments and all that jazz below.

Changes That Have Happened

New Blog Rules

Yep, I am sure you can all remember the thousands of blogs a month ago about this. I would just like to reiterate and expand on this change. So yes, a non-news (Like a blog on issue previews) or non-admin blog (A blog like this) have to be over 300 words long. This helps keep the blogs a good quality and sets a good standard for any readers who regularly visit this site. Moreover, another big change will be happening in future for the blog system, you can read about that down below. I would also like to talk about what happens if a blog does not reach 300 words. If this happens, I or another admin will message the blog maker, delete their blog, copy any information on it and move it to the forum. Speaking of which...


Yes, the good ol' forum feature. It was implemented a few months ago and it now in full-use. I thank every user and anon who has used it recently. It allows for more dedicated discussion on a particular topic and gives the community a good chance to discuss other things than just bonding at its finest. There will also be a change coming to the forum soon, so please, read below to find out what it is.

Admin Things

I would just like to inform everyone that Shellturleguy has stepped down as administrator of this wiki, questions about this MUST be sent to my PM on chat, thanks. Many of you have also noticed our colored name tags by now and these are to help users locate the admins on this wiki. Not to show off our powers and attractiveness (Well...maybe or attractiveness). You can also find a nice list of this wiki's admins and bureaucrats on the community message. I am also sure everyone knows of the administrative board on the forum now too. This will be used as the main-source of admin voting on the community.

Changes That Will Happen

Forum Moderators

A long-winded rumor around here. I can confirm that Forum Moderators WILL be happening. The majority of the community voted that we should have them long-ago and they would help deduce the tasks an admin has to do. I just need the speak with a bureaucrat about this issue and I have already contacted one about this. So yeah, look out for this new position in a few weeks. However, this has a counter-effect...

General Staff Changes

This is the main point of this blog. As y'all know, there are currently 10 staff positions available and with the introduction of Forum Moderators, there will be 11. This is simply too many positions and will be in talks with the other admins to remove quite a few, namely:

Writer - is such a redundant staff title, it is exactly the same as janitor. Nobody on this wiki even has it and it will definitely be removed as soon as possible.

New Reporter - Same as writer, nobody has it and is applying for it. Besides, if anyone sees news, just report it in, you don't have to be staff to do so.

Now this is going to be a really unpopular decision, but hear me out and I stress that this is not set in stone and other admins will be discussing it with me...

Comic/TV/VG/Novel staff - in my opinion, these are rather pointless. I know loads of people have these staff positions, so hear me out. I propose we merge these positions with Janitor, as really, Janitors do the same things without medium restrictions. Besides, when someone has two of these positions, it looks really stupid and nullifies the point of them.

New Admins

Due to Shellturleguy's recent resignation as admin. We know have an odd number of admins (7), which is a good thing. There will currently be no plans for a new admin until further notice, so those who wanted the positions, please be patient and I am sure something will open up soon.

So that is about it. Like I said above, leave your comments below on what you agree and disagree with, thanks.