So by now everybody on this wiki probably knows that the TV Series has disappointed me time and time again. Don't get me wrong, I am no purist, I don't mind them changing things up to keep things interesting and building on lesser developed characters. However when the show starts mauling comic character personalities and destroying iconic events I get really angry at the writers thought process.  So lets start off, Season by Season.

Season 1


This Season was pretty much flawless in my honest opinion and is still the best Season of the show. What drives this fact is the re-mixing of comic events in the right way. It took characters like Jim and Shane and gave them some great new scenes that felt authentic and fresh for their characters. It also stayed true to most of the characters personalities. The new original content like the CDC was a great replacement for the Wiltshire estates event and helped provide Rick with a great moral dilemma for the next Season. Heck even the Vatos stuff was good...though a tad unrealistic.

The Season also gave us a great cast of characters that played well off each other. Shane and Merle were wild cards, Daryl was the lone wolf, Dale was the moral guide etc. Each person played their role well and no character stole screentime. However for some reason the writers decided to take everything that made Season 1 great and flip it upside the head.

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Season 2


This Season was were the problems started. The writers started getting clever and thought it would be a jolly good idea to completely destroy the storylines that made the show possible.

Tyreese and Co.

Now it is no secret that I am a Tyreese fanboy, but that stems from the fact he is a brilliant a complex character. His introduction in the comic series was perfect...however the show writers thought it was pointless to introduce the first Compendium's third most important character. Now you may think that Tyreese's introduction would have made things crowded with Daryl and Shane around. However I find this excuse poor. For one, the comic had Michonne, Jesus and Abe around for eight issues. Things were never crowded there. 

Tyreese's introduction in episode 1 or 2 of Season 2 would have helped boost the amount of character interactions available (He would arrive with Sasha and Allen's family). One of Season 2's main problems was the re-hashed conversations between characters. I mean how many times could Rick and Hershel talk about Rick's tenure on the farm or Shane and Lori talk about their sex scenes together. Tyreese and co. being there would give more characters material (An example I thought of being a T-Dog and Sasha romance, allowing T-Dog to have a story).

Farm, Farm and more Farm

Seriously what were the writers thinking placing the whole Season on the farm!? I get that there are budget complaints and all, but would it really hurt them to shoot the first three episodes on the road...or maybe even Wiltshire Estates (We all know how brilliantly handled it was in the show). Coupled with the characters repeating themselves every episode, the setting of the farm every episodes really killed any tension and excitement for the rest of the Season. It would have been much better if they introduced the farm midway through episode 2 and Hershel kicked them off in episode 7. Of course after the barn incident.

Dragged on Plotlines

Now a lot of people say Sophia's story was dragged out. Now it was, however it's length was necessary to establish character conflicts and moral dilemmas. The real garbage was the Randall story arc. Now I would have been fine if this was 2-3 episodes long, however this was dragged out for five episodes, ending with a pretty unsatisfying conclusion. Shane snaps Randall's how riveting. The better ending would be Rick or Shane shooting him in "18 Miles Out."

This story arc also lead to Dale's poor death and the stupidity of having Daryl shoot him, instead of Shane or Rick was bad writing. Speaking of bad writing...what lead to his guessed it, Randall! Dale stood up for this kid and nobody in the group listened, so he stormed off and got killed by a lone walker...a lone walker...HOW!?

In short this story arc should have been placed from Episode's 8-10 and be there to set up a moral conflict up between Rick and Shane. It should not have been used to kill Dale and have Shane perform a very stupid action, that made little to no sense.

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Season 3


Now as bad as some of Season 2's problems were, it was still fun to watch. Season 3 was an uphill battle from Episode 3 and on wards. Sure there was a few standout episodes like "Clear" and "This Sorrowful Life" but the rest of the Season made no sense. I gave the Season a 7/10 as I was being very nice. However if I was to give it an honest rating it would be a 6. The writing made no sense, characters went out of character so many times it was not funny and this blasted time skip killed the Season from the get-go. Note: Season 3 s still better than 90% of current TV programming.

Deaths Every Episode

So I am sure many of you reading this know what I am talking about, by just looking at the title. Season 3 had so many deaths of characters that it just got boring when someone was ripped to shreds or shot in the face. This is The Walking Dead. When someone dies it should be shocking and mesmerizing...Season 3's deaths lost this aspect by Episode 8....that is midway through people! So let's go through the pointless and early deaths shall we.

T-Dog: So first up we have everyone's favorite token black guy. Going into Season 3, the writers promised us that T-Dog will get more screentime. However this turned out to be a big fat lie. He was killed off halfway into Season 3 Episode 4 after getting a strange increase in Episode screentime. Not only did they waste a good character who had lots of potential, but they gave away Season 3's secret formula...when a side characters get more screentime than usual, they will be killed off. In my opinion, T-Dog should have died around Episode 10 and got Axel's death. By this time we hopefully would have seen more of him and he would have become a deeply layered character.

Lori: Now I liked TV Lori's death. It was dark, gritty, disgusting and it helped show the reality of this new life the survivors live. However, like I have said multiple times; I judge this show in comparison with the Comics. Lori in the show may have been a complete moron, but she was getting better in Season be more like her comic counterpart. Her death in Episode 4 accomplished nothing but make Rick look like an unstable lunatic for the rest of the Season and make some think that he should not be the main character! By the end of the Season, Andrea's death somehow convinced Rick that Lori's death had happened and that he needs to come to terms with it. Essentially making her death useless and Rick's character flip-flopping back to the Rick he was at the Season's beginning (Rick still is not over Lori's death in the Comic Series).

The other complaint I have with her death, is that it just was not as powerful as the Comic's version of her death. In the Comic, Rick had finally fully forgiven her for sleeping with Shane and wanted to settle down with her, Carl and Judith to be a family again. However The Governor immediately attacks and she is gunned down in front of Carl and Rick (She also crushes Judith). The show's version was witnessed by Maggie and Carl....not Rick, so he never got to see his own wife get killed and thus be able to blame it on his own failures.

Oscar: People liked him and he was starting to become a good character. However the writers decided that due to the rule of one black male on the show, they killed him off. Not only was Oscar's death the one that made people notice the character develop trend, it was a death that made nobody sad. I mean who is going to care about this guy dying after Lori and T-Dog died four episodes ago. Oscar had some great lines and helped show Rick that not every outsider is bad...yet for some reason he thinks they are in Episode 9...aka the next episode (Flip-flopping Rick anyone). Actually I bet none of the casual audience even remember Oscar and due to this fact I find myself asking the question of; "Why even bother putting him in the show?"

Axel: Wow were to even start. I guess I will say this; Read the comics if you want to experience the true greatness of Axel. This death was the most obvious of the "development before death" scheme. Just when Axel was given some good lines and development to make to the status of "remotely not redshirt" he was shot in the head and used a meat shield. You know meat shield would be the best way to describe his he was used a piece of meat for character interactions. Axel was only in the show for fan service to comic fans. He was completely irreverent to the main plot and even Oscar had more plot importance than Axel. All Axel did was say "You follow me" (Again he was just there for fan service) and try to convince Rick that he and Oscar were good people....something Oscar accomplished without Axel's help. I guess I am trying to say that Axel's character was just fan service and in the end it did not make comic fans just made us despise the show even more (Some people not even watching it after these shenanigans).

Milton and Andrea: I am placing these two together as killing one off would have been fine, however they killed both off and made both their Season developments go to waste. Now I think most can say that Andrea's character in the second half of the Season was not even human and that she was ticking everyone comic fan off. So killing her was the right move. However the writers decided that Milton needed to die too. Now I would have been fine with his death if he accomplished anything...however he didn't and instead nobody on the show remembers him. His death was completely irrelevant and thus his scenes were completely and utterly pointless...which leads me to say that he wasted screentime and other character's development time. Andrea should have made it out and been remorseful over Milton's death and fought for him. Milton could have made it out and tried to fit into the group on Andrea's behalf and tried to make sound like a good person to the group and justified her actions (Oh boy we needed some justification). At the end of the day, these two were pointless characters and nobody remembers their actions (Don't give me that Rick brought the Woodbury peoples to the prison nonsense. They died after 3 episodes).

The Woodbury Citizens: I will get more into Woodbury soon, however all of these people's deaths were pointless. Why waste a scene showing Richard Foster dying and The Gov shooting him? Was it to show that The Governor is more brutal after the group's attack? Well sorry writers but there is a little thing called "dialogue" that can do this...and in a much shorter span of time. This scene yet again wasted time that could have bee used to develop Beth and other prison residents that needed it.



Yes that's right, I didn't like Woodbury in the show...I bet you didn't see this one coming! But seriously I don't know how the writers could even call this boring town Woodbury. You see in the Comics, we barely got to see much of Woodbury. We got to see it through the eyes of Rick, Michonne and Glenn. All they saw was a town run by a ruthless psychopath with an army of extremely loyal followers who would kill when The Governor told them to kill. Kirkman also never wasted time developing the town's residents and instead focused on the moral dilemmas our protagonists were going through and The Governor himself (To show how far the apocalypse makes people go). We only got to see very few named Woodbury residents and these residents were used to display how horrible Woodbury was and to evoke a sense of dread into the reader and the characters. The only character who was an exception was Alice, who by the end of her life-span, was a very well liked character and was considered by many to be one of the strongest females in the book. You see by keeping Woodbury mysterious, Kirkman created a sense of fear in the reader of not knowing what type of firepower the town was packing.

However the writers of the show threw this fantastic plotline in the bin and decided to make their own horribly bloated version that made little to no sense. You see folks, instead of making Woodbury a mysterious and almost hellish force. They turned the town into Snorebury and bored the entire fanbase....I am even referring to parasitic casual audience here! All Woodbury in the show was for is "The Governor's" character and Andrea's character. The citizens were made of bloody cardboard and had no goddamn emotions! All they did is serve as vessels for the writers to throw out stupid lines. These characters were so bad and pointless that the writer forgot about them and threw them into a void for useless characters! The characters like Paul and Shumpert were actually given screentime and lines! An example being Noah's gun training, or Haley telling Andrea about her bow. WHAT WAS THE BLOODY POINT!?! All these scenes did was waste time that could have been spent developing Beth or Oscar! But the writers thought "Hey, let's throw in a pointless scene were people can have a toilet break, as we don't want them missing that Hyundai commercial!" Woodbury (Snorebury)was in my opinion the worst part of Season 3. Literally nothing happened in a Season's duration in this dung-hole.

The Governor

Before Season 3 started. The executive producers said: "The Governor won't be watered down." What a fat load of bull this turned out to be. Now don't get me wrong, I like David's portrayal of a post apocalypse villain. But c'mon this is The Governor we are talking about. This is the guy who raped Michonne, chopped Rick's hand off, Beat Glenn and let him listen to Michonne's rape, killed people for looking at him wrong, chopped people's heads of for amusement (Not the reason he gave on the show), kept his zombified niece chained up, manipulated his friends and allies in every way possible and was just down right disturbed.

However in the show we got a smooth talking politician. I mean that is fine and all, but when you are basing it off one of THE big two comic book villains you are being disrespectful. Not only this but wouldn't the comic Governor be the best television villain in years? I mean a psychopath of these proportions has pretty much never been seen before on TV. Don't give that Governor was not complex in the comic rubbish. No he may not have been, but if the writers used the comic plot then he would have only been in 5 episodes...meaning we would not need to much development. Plus they could also use the novel's backstory for him, which is way better than the show's backstory. In fact The Governor in the comics is more complex than the show's Governor...if you remember the twist in "Rise of The Governor" then you will agree.


Now the timeskip was intended to fix the problem of Carl's aging, however instead of fixing problems it caused problems. The two standout problems is the character motivations and the characters themselves. Firstly all the characters are now zombie killing machines...even Carol and Beth. Hershel now is a peace guru, Andrea is a hippie and Rick is half psycho. You know writers these changes built the characters in Season you know, YOU MIGHT TO SHOW IT! The writers must just have been to lazy to develop the characters, so they listened to the "genius" that is Glen Mazzara and used one of the worst timeskips I have ever had the displeasure of viewing. My second point is why do the characters want the prison? They don't expect us just to blindly believe that being on the road is horrible do they? I mean they lose no one on the road, yet lose half their group in the prison. Yet they say the road is worse? WHY IS WORSE WRITERS! Show us you bunch of hacks. Speaking of the prison...

The Prison

Like I said in the "Timeskips section," why was the group fighting for this place? You see in the comics the group was beaten down by the road and had almost lost hope, however they find the prison and it is a beacon of hope for them. We understand their motivations for fighting for it. They need a "home." However in the show, they have lost know one on the road and seem to be doing just fine. However they for some reason decide to clear out the prison and lose half the group! Not only does this make the group's motivations look weak, it also makes Rick look like a bad leader and has the audience second guessing him!

Then later in the Season the Gov floods the main area with walkers and murders Axel, yet the group wants to stay in there. Why do they want this place!? It has caused them nothing but misery and suffering. This is a graveyard to them...yet they act like it is the greatest thing to happen to them!? No you idiots the Farm was more secure than this death trap.

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General Show Complaints

Small, Pointless Annoying Changes

This will be more of a list than a rant...but here are the small, pointless annoying changes that made no sense and just annoyed many comic fans I have talked with:

1) Andrea's age change - What did this accomplish?

2) Introducing Tyreese late - Waste of the character and hindered his story potential.

3) Beth instead of Billy - Sorry Beth fans, but Billy was a much better character than Beth.

4) Hershel being a peace guru - This was a bad change when you compare it to his comic character.

5) Making The Governor reveal his name - Why? It ruins the mystery of the character.

6) Walkers throwing rocks and climbing fences - probably get why.

7) Glenn becoming a selfish teenagers with anger management - This made Glenn's character unlikable...even though he is supposed to represent hope for the group.

8) Combining Alice and Dr. Stevens into one character - They ruined a fan favorite comic character and turned her into a fat, underdeveloped Black woman!

8) Daryl's emo hair - Not a change, BUT WHY!?!

Still waiting for my comic characters...

Yes I think I have repeated myself enough on this. But I will say it again! I am still waiting for Andrea to show up. That abomination that the show called "Andrea," was a complete slap in the face to all comic fans. All she did was whine and complain and have sex with a hot bad guy. Her choice to stay in Woodbury was nonsensical. She could not kill The Governor, yet two episodes later she tried to kill him anyway. Forget Negan being bi-polar, Andrea is the queen of being bi-polar. Many other characters have shared this fate. Lori was turned into a complete hag. Dale was transformed into some hippie preacher...I mean he is supposed to be the moral compass, but don't throw it in our faces! Shane was dragged out and made Season 2 feel bloated...I blame the Randall arc for this though, Rick is an insane lunatic, who flip-flops around everything, Michonne was a mute in Season 3 and Hershel is some weird hippie farmer...even though he was a completely different character in Season 2. Still waiting on The Governor by the way...Brain Blake.

But to be quite blunt, It is just down right disrespectful to comic fans to butcher their favorite characters and put a "certain someone" in the forefront instead. Like I said with Axel, he was just there for fan service. So are many of these characters. What was the point of introducing Tyreese this late...his story potential is much weaker if he is not Rick's best friends. I mean there fight scene in Episode 3 of Season 4 was lacking emotion. They were best friends in the comic series, but it was just Black guy vs. White guy in the show. It is a shame the writers missed out on forging and bringing legendary characters to life...instead they got pushed aside by the biggest cash cow in television history...the squirrel man...

Daryl Dixon


Really, really?

Where do I even begin to express my sheer hate of this cardboard cashcow. Firstly he has spawned a legion of idiotic fans who worship him as a all-powerful deity. These fans seem to be running the show! They say that they hated Lori, she is killed off, they say they hate Andrea, she is killed of, now they are picking on Tyreese and Bob Stookey (Don't believe me, look on TWD's Facebook page), two much more interesting characters and they have become more interesting in less than a Season.

His character is simply to invincible, all he does his crack one liners and smile nicely at the camera with his bloody emo hair! He can't be damaged, beaten or hurt (Talking about Season 3 and 4 Daryl). When he is hurt ("Chupacabra") he sustains as stupid amount of injuries and survives an inhuman amount of punishment. All Daryl is there to do is please fan girls and sell merchandise. His personality is flawless and is dictated solely by the "fangirls." That terrible scene in Season 4 Episode 4 where he confronts Bob was liked by the fangirls as it made Daryl look hot...most of them thought it was better than the scene in which Rick kicks Carol out of the group.

Another problem I have with his character is that he is simply out of story. All he does is sit around acting tough and cool. Merle, who was one of the best characters on the show got a great death and it had the potential to make Daryl into a awesome characters again...but nothing cam out of it and Daryl just got over it in an episode. So let me clarify; They killed of one of the most complex characters on the show in order to develop Daryl...yet nothing happened and Daryl remains the same revenue machine he has been since Season 2 part B. It pains me that so many great comic characters have been pushed aside in order for him to crack one-liners and kill walkers for five minutes. It simply tells me that AMC are too scared to kill him off and that they don't think that the characters that made the show possible can support it....yeah screw you too AMC!

In short all Daryl does for the show is defeat the main message of the show; "No one is safe." Yeah right! Unless you are Daryl Dixon!

In Closing

Thanks to those that read through my entire blog...I know it was overly long, but I had to get this off my chest for everyone to see. Remember if you disagree, agree or thought I missed something, post below in the comments section! Now one final poll to see this blog off:

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