So I know people are probably getting sick of predictions (People are probably getting sick of people saying this), but I just wanted to post an overview of what I want/think will happen in Season 2.

An brief overview of what I think will happen:

Episode 1

We are introduced to the player character, he meets Clementine about five mins into the episode. From there they travel alone for the majority of the episode, along with the other silhouette from episode 5 (Note: In order for the remaining plot to work a timeskip will occur, placing the hero's group at over 400 days into the apocalypse). In the last 10 minutes of the episode they bump into Tavia and a large group of walkers. They escape and end up at the community, meeting our 400 Day's characters.

Episode 2

This episode consists of our protagonists fitting in with the community. Our hero volunteers to go out on a hunting/scouting mission. They encounter our antagonist group (and main antagonist.) and have a shootout with them, the player has to choose between two of the 400 Day's characters and then escapes. However the main protagonist is captured and brought to the enemy base (Possibly alongside a new character).

Episode 3

Our protagonist has to escape from the clutches of the main antagonist group, while he is captured he is beaten and tortured for information. The player can either give them info or can attempt to bluff them (These decisions will effect the game massively in episode 4, it will determine who dies and how they die). After he/she does they make their way back to the community. He/She runs into Christa and Omid on the way back, we learn that they are staying with a group of scavengers lead by Nate. The protagonist brings them back to the community (Not unscathed) and the people prepare for war. Some tension between Russell and Nate arises, Wyatt finds out it was Nate who attacked him and Eddie and a fight breaks out. The player can choose to kill Wyatt or Nate, or let both live.

Episode 4

The war begins, people get killed off left, right and center. Nate tires once again to kill Wyatt (If they were both spared), the hero intervines and Nate is "lost" to the herd.Near the end of the battle, our antagonist faces off against the hero, in the middle of their confrontation they notice a massive (1000+) herd of walkers coming towards the community. Their fight ends with the hero sparta kicking the antagonist into the herd. The community walls break down and the screen fades black with Clementine trapped by the herd.

Episode 5

The hero performs a feat of epicness and cuts down the herd in his/her path to save Clementine. They re-group with a small group of people (Christa, Omid, 1/2 400 Day's characters and a couple of new faces introduced over the course of the Season.) and make a run for a small opening. Someone dies heroically and they escape.

Closing Thoughts 

I can't really decide how it ends, I kind of want and abrupt ending, so it can interest people to come back next Season. However I know people hate endings like this so I also want it to end with a definite direction for Season 3. So what do you guys think? Do you like it, hate it or are not really interested with it? Decisions...decisions.