Hello wiki people! Today I am here to propose some new things for the wiki. As of late I have become obsessed with the wiki's categories and I have created a category for The Saviors, a category for Woodbury and a category for people with unknown statuses. Now the unknown category is fine and helps for easier page navigation and I believe the other two categories help as well. So I say why not add a category for other big survivor settlements like Alexandria and Hilltop? What do you think should we have one? Leave thoughts in the comments below.

Should categories for major survivor settlements be added?

The poll was created at 14:04 on November 28, 2013, and so far 40 people voted.

The second item on my list is the removal of inactive staff members. I have brought this matter up with some admins and staff members and they all seem to agree, but I want to see what the whole community thinks first.

To specify I am saying an inactive user is someone who rarely edits, does not check the wiki every week and at least edit once that week. I already have a hit list of users so please ask for a private message for that list. I believe any user who is inactive for two whole months should be removed, unless they are on a holiday or break. If they disappear then they need to be removed. Far too many people on this wiki have staff titles and some need to be revoked. If you would like to nominate yourself for staff removal than please say so in the comments. So leave me thoughts on the matter people!

Should inactive users have their staff titles revoked?

The poll was created at 14:04 on November 28, 2013, and so far 41 people voted.

Note: These polls are only "yes" and "no" as I want a definitive answer from everybody, nobody can sit on the fence in the matter.