So this one of these blogs, where I complain for no particular reason about something I dislike. In this instance it is the useless characters in the TV series. I feel like most characters in the comics and TT game served a good purpose, with the exception of a small few. However the TV series has a lot and I mean A LOT of useless characters. So let's delve into these mules of the franchise.

The Mules



Because one dog's to little and two dog's aren't enough, it's T-Dog OOOOOOOOWWOOOO and your listing to Galaxy News Radio. Bringing you the truth, no matter how bad it gets (Sorry but Three Dog and T-Dog are the same person). Could not have said it better myself T-Dog. You really hit the nail on the head on what were about to talk about. You see T-Dog was everyone's stereotypical token black guy. He was there to say black guy stuff and act as comic relief. He was a throwaway character and the writers just kept him around for when they needed an extra piece of meat to kill. In Season 1 T-Dog had some interesting story and he started off with another one is Season 2. It was all going well for him until the farm came. He was relegated to glorified redshirt and was there for 30 seconds in every episode. He was a funny guy and it is sad the writers killed him before he could see Merle again. As in my opinion that would have been one of the best story arcs in Season 3. Besides we all love our token black guy!

Rating on the pointless scale: 8.5/10 - Token Black Guy: For a useless character T-Dog got some good lines. However the dog just was not enough for the cat that is Mazzara.



Next up we have Jimmy "Gangsta" Man. He wore a cowboy hat and had less screentime than Nelly the horse. All he did was say things that allowed other characters to say even more pointless things. He even destroyed the RV which was a more developed and iconic character. Hell the RV's death overshadowed Jimmy's death. Some people I know literally don't remember him. I ask them if they remember Jimmy and they say; "Who in the f*** is Jimmy?" As you can see ladies and gents he is the definition of overblown redshirt.

Rating on the pointless scale: 9/10 - Redshirt: He was everyone's favorite background "gangsta" who wore a cowboy hat...well he is the only person to fit this description.


Season two patricia

Yeehaw it is everyone favorite funny face maker! Seriously she only did two things in the whole of Season 2. The first was making Otis seem like a meaningful character and giving some good development to him and Shane. The second is defining the definition of "cardboard actor" on the show. It is like Darabont and Mazzara told her to improvise in the background as they had forgotten to write her lines. So what she did was pull hideous faces...such as smiling at Otis' funeral and standing as still as a Weeping Angel when the barn massacre occurred. She and Jimmy are the perfect duo in Season 2. They are like Batman and Robin...however we never see this as we are too busy covering our ears from Beth's singing. Thanks a lot Beth, you made me miss out on seeing Patricia in action!

Rating on the pointless scale: 9/10 - Redshirt: Thanks for the funny face Pat! You will not be missed!




Rating on the pointless scale: 9.5/10 - The Other Token Black Guy: .....

The Entire Town of Woodbury

Woodbury Assault1

If you are hired as an extra in TWD it generally means you will have no lines and the importance of a clam. This is what every resident in Woodbury was. Woodbury in the comic was kept mysterious, like a black box and it helped to set a brooding tone and we felt as helpless as our protagonists (We did not know if their people were capable fighters or how much firepower they had). However Woodbury in the show was a place full of unhardened morons who could not act and they had barely any firepower. However everyone in the town was useless and underdeveloped so we did not care when they were gunned down and killed. Rather we cheered as we were rid of a bunch of horrible actors. The comic had people like Alice and Martinez who we got to know in the comics and they both has pretty pivotal roles. However no one from Woodbury in the show did anything and we wasted scenes on them! WHY!?! Did we really need a scene telling us Ms. McLeod had wobbly knees and that Noah had contracting problems with the show! No we certainly did not. These guys were the definition of pointless. An absolute disgrace to their comic counterparts.

Rating on the pointless scale: 10/10 - Vegetables: Well at least they gave us some good memes! Right? Right!?

Beth Greene

TFG Beth Greene

Ah the singing cardboard box itself. Beth is the single most useless character on TWD show and I hope she dies soon (No offense Beth fans). All she does is sing and I don't like her style so my ears bleed whenever I hear her "sing." The underlying reason why I hate her is because she replaced Billy Greene who is an infinitely cooler character and had many uses. He made important events happen and his death was very emotional. However Beth completely slaps his character in the face and we end up with nothing more than a singing cardboard box. She does nothing, has accomplished nothing and has had the development life of a stick insect. She just wastes time and Emily's acting is appalling. Her scenes drop the quality of the show and she has zero chemistry with all the major cast members. Seriously writers just kill!

Rating on the pointless scale: 11/10 - Absolutely, positively, indisputably a singing cardboard box from outer space (Plan 9 from Outer Space to be precise): Go away Beth, you are ruining the show.


So there you have it folks these are the most useless characters in the show. Of course this is my opinion and you are free to share your's below. Before I go, here is two polls for you to answer! Thanks for reading!

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