Hello and welcome to my top 10 comic moments of 2013 blog! Now I know this is late, but, I am convinced that it is still a good topic to blog about. These are the 10 best comic moments in 2013. Some made us laugh, some made us cry and some made us cringe. So, without further ado, let's begin.

10 - Dwight Switches Sides


Edging it's way into the number 10 spot is Dwight's turn to the good side...well, at least it seems like he turned to the good side. But alas, this was a great moment none the less. It helped change Dwight from a regular right-hand man character, into a deeper and more complex character. It also was perhaps the biggest factor is giving Rick and Ezekiel's forces hope to fight against Negan. It was a good moment and a great end to Volume 18: What Comes After.

9 - Negan Hands Carl Over

157px-Issue 107 Carl Alive

This was a great moment for both Rick and Negan. Rick desperately tried to kill Negan after he teased that he hurt Carl. But, it turned out that Negan could be reasonable after all and he did not harm Carl in any way. This helped show how far Rick was willing to go to save Carl and that Negan was not some one-dimensional psychopath, rather, an intelligent mob-boss who knows how to get what he wants without having to kill. Overall, this moment comes in at a respectable number 9.

8 - Negan Saves Holly

Negan kills David1

A more recent entry on this list, this moment only took place a few issues back. It was no big character death or no big twist. Rather, it was the ultimate way Kirkman told us that Negan had morals and was a different villain than The Governor. It helped establish that Negan was working toward something bigger and that he hates to kill unless it is absolutely necessary. This moment earns it's place for making an awesome villain, into a legendary villain.

7 - Eric's Death


Another recent moment on this list, Eric's Death. While he was not an A-list character, Eric still made us all feel loss inside. But, more importantly, really helped to kick off "All Out War" and made the event feel like people are going to die at any moment's notice. Plus, this was a nice throwback to deaths such as Axel's...short, but sweet.

6 - Ezekiel's Introduction


Who could forget the priceless introduction of The Kingdom's King, Ezekiel? When this first happened, there was a lot of backlash against the character, more specifically Ezekiel's tiger, Shiva. However, most people quickly got over this disdain and realized what a great and unique character Ezekiel is. He brought a certain charm to the book no other character has been able to match and is a pretty unique personality. Simply put; Without him, the conflict of Negan would not feel as unique or epic.

5 - Jesus, Savior Of The Universe


Coming in at the half-way point on this list is none other than Paul "Jesus" Monroe's amazing save in Issue 114. Deciding that Ezekiel was taking too long, Paul decided to save Rick and his forces alone and unarmed, against over 20 Saviors and Negan himself. Despite the overwhelming odds, Jesus manages to push The Saviors back and officially kick off the "All Out War" story-arc. Heck, he came so close to killing Negan.

4 - Spencer Has No Guts


Ah, Spencer. Everyone's love-to-hate character. The strogonoff stalker met his grisly demise in 2013's Issue 111, at the hands of Negan and his big knife (Lucille is still jealous). I think we all shed a tear...of happiness. Not only did this make Negan likable in many peoples eyes, this was the first major death of 2013 and really proved the anyone could die at anytime rule true. Thank you for all the awesome memes you gave us Spencer.

3 - Shiva's Last Stand

Shiva's Last Stand

The loyalty of a pet to her master is a great thing to see and Kirkman proved this true with Shiva's death. Seeing her save Ezekiel and essentially The Kingdom from falling apart was a touching moment and really capped of the year of 2013 well...being the last thing in the last issue of the year. May your soul rest in piece (Or should I say pieces) Shiva.

2 - Andrea Is A Survivor


My, my Andrea. Words can not describe how far Andrea has come in the series. She has outlasted many people who started off stronger than her and in this scene she proves that true once again. Connor stood no match against the mightiness of Andrea and I hope Andrea will go on and keep on fighting for years to come...after all, she is a survivor and survivors don't die.

1 - Rick Declares War On Negan

115 War Begins

Was it ever going to be anything else as one? This was the start to the biggest story-arc in The Walking Dead's history. Rick brought back his "You kill and you die" rule. This was the moment 2013 will be remembered for in years to come. We will look back at last year and say; "That is the year All Out War" began." This too me speaks louder than any single-character moment and expresses the whole book's change in pace and the climax of an arc building since 2011. So Rick declaring war rightfully grabs the number 1 spot.


Thanks for reading my top 10 comic moments of 2013 blog everyone! Please make sure to comment your thoughts and feedback down below. As always I have left on final poll for y'all to vote on. What was you favorite moment of 2013 everyone! Thanks for reading!

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