Hello time for another blog. This one is bound to stir up some debate as I am proposing that we merge the video game character pages like Glenn (Only VG characters that have appeared in the comic) with their comic pages. It makes no sense that we have a separate article for them. I have gone to countless other wikis with cross-media canon and they have those articles merged. They are the same character therefore they are the same article.

Another reason is that we have the novel and comic stories and characters merged yet not the video game? That makes no sense and we can't have both as it looks heavily unprofessional. So we need to merge the video game character pages with the comic character pages...not make them separate pages.

Leave thoughts on the issue down below, I hope this can get sorted soon. If the majority votes "Yes" then I will discuss page layouts with other users.

Should the video game character articles be merged with comic character articles of the same name?

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