Hello all! Welcome to the first issue prediction master blog! The purpose of these blogs is to cut down duplicate blog amounts. This will hopefully be done for the TV show and video game soon. So without further ado, post your predictions and theories here. Who do you think will die? Who will live? Who will go completely insane? Post down below!

What Do You Think?

This section will be about a widely debated topic I have seen brought up about the issue. This week will be about if you think Michonne will die in Issue 120. I will also tell you my vote to try and sway you to the dark side! So here it is:

Do you think Michonne will die this issue?

The poll was created at 20:52 on January 13, 2014, and so far 75 people voted.

My pick would be "Yes." I feel that Michonne's time is coming to an end and this issue will be her swan song. What do you folks think?

Death Odds

This section is something I thought would be fun to add (I admit, I got the idea from other sites...but mine is more complete). It covers mostly everyone's (Excluding some really minor characters) chances of dying in the series at the moment. Due to us being in "All Out War," the odds have raised massively, sending some character's survival chances into a black hole. You can post your odds below....does not have to be for every character though, this is just to give people a general view of where every character is at.

Main Cast Supporting Cast Extras Villains and Contagonists


Thanks for dropping by everyone! Make sure you post your predictions, feedback and odds down below. I am glad we are in bi-weekly mode, makes the wait so much easier!