So two more covers have just been released for "All Out War." They are Issue 119 and 118. They are in the usual style of the previous three AOW covers and feature some interesting details. Here they are in all their beautiful glory:

Issue 119 Cover

"The war comes home."                                                         "The war has taken a toll."

Issue 119 Predictions

Dwight's Role

So we all know Dwight has to play a big role in future events. It seems like he will make his move against Negan in Issue 119. I think it will go down with Dwight saving Rick and the Safe-Zone from a Savior attack (Look at the tag-line). I also think that this will be his second chance at killing Negan and that he fails his first one in Issue 116...Holly is probably to thank for that.  Will Dwight kill Negan...most certainly not, however he will reveal himself as a traitor and Rick's trump card will be lost and an even playing field will be established...however Negan would still have Sherry at The Sanctuary...meaning that maybe he can manipulate Dwight into doing his bidding again.

A Dead Shiva?

We can clearly see that Ezekiel and Michonne are looking at something in horror and shock. Now what could possibly make the both of them do that? Well there are two things I can think of. One is that Shiva has been killed by someone...maybe this event ties into 117 when Zeke gets separated from the rest of the army and it looks like Holly has a close encounter with Shiva in 117. The other possibility is that Shiva has killed someone...Holly, and must be put down for it...or Zeke and Michonne try to cover it up. 

Alexandria Under Siege

Now on to the last prediction...The Saviors attack Alexandria. The cover shows Rick falling backwards after a window has been blown out. This definitely means that someone is shooting at him....likely choice being The Saviors. This event would happen in the last few pages and would set up the battle of Alexandria for Issue 120...the end of the first half of All Out War. This would also tie in with Dwight's betrayal against Negan...maybe he save Rick from death...or he saves Carl. 

Issue Deaths

  • Shiva 
  • Olivia
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Issue 120 Predictions

Death of Michonne

Now Issue 120 marks the end to "All Out War" part 1 and it needs to go out with a bang...a big bang. Michonne's death would certainly do it would be the biggest death in the comic series. It would also be a heck of a start to the year. The it would leave the question of what is Kirkman planning to do to end the war...kill Rick? As for how she will die I will say that she will go down fighting...saving Carl and Rick and pushing them even harder in the fight against The Saviors. 

Alexandria's Fate

Now the tag-line clearly states that "The war has taken a toll." This probably means big things have happened, Michonne's death being one and the other maybe being The Savior's taking Alexandria from Rick. This would mean the survivors of the battle of forced to live in The Kingdom...or maybe even The Hilltop. This may cause' tensions between Rick and Ezekiel or Maggie (Assuming Gregory is dead by this point) and Rick. 

Issue Deaths

  • Michonne
  • Eric
  • Erin
  • Barbara
  • Nicholas' Family
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Issue 121 Cover Predictions

Issue 121 is the first Issue in part 2 of "All Out War" and it is dead center in the middle of the war. It will probably be a slower issue as it will probably be the aftermath of the battle of Alexandria. So I think a Alexandrian will be in the center position...probably either Heath or Aaron as Kirkman has stated that he plans to do big things with the both of them in the war. The picture on the left will be Rick and his group on the road...maybe outside a war torn Alexandria. The picture on the right will be of another community...most probably The Kingdom as it seems to be relatively untouched by the war so far.

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In Closing


Thank you all for reading! Post your thoughts down below. Finally one last poll to see this blog off!

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