So the cover for Issue 118 has been released. The Cover shows Gregory, Maggie, Paul "Jesus" Monroe and a unnamed Savior. It depicts Maggie talking to a group of Hilltop citizens and has Gregory with a worried look on his face. Paul is holding a gun to a Savior's head and looks like he is about to shoot. 


So even though this is just a cover that will be out in 2 months time, it provides a lot of questions and few answers to previous questions.

Maggie leader of Hilltop

Firstly I think the cover is indicating that Maggie takes over Hilltop, or she takes over part of Hilltop. What I am saying is that Maggie will lead a rebellion after Gregory performs his usual; stupidity and he gets the groups into more trouble, likely by squealing on the groups war plans in hopes Negan will leave him alone. This will get someone or many killed and Maggie will rile up the Hilltop citizens into exiling Gregory, which I and many of you have been wanting to see. 

Jesus lives and a new "big" character

So as we can clearly see "Paul "Jesus" Monroe holding someone up, we can infer that he has survived the first battle of Sanctuary and whatever he was up to in Issue 117. Now this is all well and good but who the heck is he holding up? Minor characters don't usually get slapped on cover like that, so my guess is that he is Negan's best man. We know Negan has felt Jesus's wrath and that he must be slightly concerned about him. So my guess in that Negan has a Savior that is equal to Jesus in terms of stamina and durability and he sends him to kill Jesus. What results is a Bruce Lee vs. Chuck Norris style fight.

Where is Rick?

Now this may seem far-fetched, but this is The Walking Dead after all. So Rick has not been on 117 and 118's covers, this means 1 of 3 things: 

1) Kirkman is trolling us into thinking Rick will die early on and really the covers mean nothing.

2) More minor characters are being given a major plot in the coming story arc.

3) A theory of mine is that Rick will be crippled in the first battle, now I know this is like! But think about it, what if Rick is take out of action permanently and Carl has to take his place in the field? Now this would not take Rick out of action, he would still have to defend Alexandria from the inevitable Savior attack.

Issue 119 Cover Predictions

So judging by this cover and previous covers, I would have to say that Heath will be in the middle, being the central character of sorts. The image on the left would be Negan and his Saviors attacking Alexandria and the image on the right would be another community entering the fray. I am not sure of this new communities intentions, but I think they will be working with Negan for a mutual gain, like Negan has offered them one of the communities for their service. 

Kirkman's Interview 

Twd115 interior-1024x791

So recently a press conference was called by Image to discuss "All Out War" and it was a good one for us fans! 


More character development for minor characters

At the conference Krikman stated: "…there's gonna be a lot done w/ Holly, with Heath, with Maggie. There will still be lots of Jesus, Ezekiel, and Rick, but I'm also trying to bring out some of the side characters."

To me this indicates that minor characters will be stepping up to the plate and will come into their own. We really have not seen the Alexandria Safe-Zone characters do much since "No Way Out" and I for one will be excited to where Kirkman takes these characters.

A bigger threat?

"…my hope is some of the readers, because of the last year of the book, have kinda forgotten that this is a word populated by zombies…and that is something that will loom on the horizon and continue to be a threat." This is what Kirkman said to an interviewer when asked what place would this storyline have in his master plan.

This excites me for a particular reason; He was referring to the walkers, so that means they will play a part in "All Out War" and/or in a coming story arc which will likely be an unstoppable threat that forces the survivors out of their refuge. My guess is that the herd will be at least 10,000 walkers strong and our survivors will eventually have to face this threat but it will be 50 or something issues down the road.

Your Thoughts

So what do you think of the cover and interview?

Are you excited for "All Out War" and beyond? I am hoping Negan will survive...that looks unlikely though.

Where do you think the story will go after "All Out War"?

And this is more of a question from me in general, but do you think the comic is more exciting than the show is at the moment? I say hell yes!