So here we are for another Issue review of The Walking Dead. This month looks to be quite promising for the Comic Series, as it is our first bi-weekly issue release. Kicking off this trend is Issue 116. So let's delve into this review!


This week's art was even better than last weeks and that means it is probably the best in the entire 116 Issue run. Dave Stewart and Stefano Gaudiano continue to work wonders with the covers and pages, making the world and characters feel alive. There were some fine panels in this issue, the three standouts being; The survivors ducking behind the bus from Savior fire, Negan starring at the oncoming zombie herd through The Sanctuary's fence and Rick arriving at his army's hiding spot at the end of the issue. All three of these panels have brilliant contrast and help invest you in this brutal world. So that is about all I can say for the art, it is brilliant as per usual.


This issue's story was more of a semi-climax. The plot certainly moved forward and the stage is set for the actual war to begin. The main part of this issue was the action. Bullets were flying everywhere, heads were being blown off and walkers were getting their skulls bashed in. The character side of things was not so marvelous however. Some characters got many lines like Rick, Negan and Jesus. Others like Gregory barely got any when they probably should have got more. Speaking of Gregory, a problem I had was Negan kicking him off the platform, not the moment itself but the way he was kicked off the platform. Where the heck did he fall!? There was a zombie pit right below him and he obviously landed safely (Issue 118's cover)...so how high was the platform? I think we would have benefited if we saw Gregory land and break his arm or something like that.

However those were really the only problems I had with the issue. Sure it was a little underwhelming in some aspects, but I am willing to forgive this as it placed Holly in an interesting position and we will finally see an Alexandrian get some worthwhile development and the action looked great and felt authentic. So it really was a great issue at the end of the day.

Predictions for Issue 117

So the cover of Issue 117 shows Paul "Jesus" Monroe front and center, Ezekiel, Shiva and Holly are also featured. This tells me three important things; Jesus will be the star of the issue and we probably will get some background on his character. I suspect he will be journeying to Hilltop to liberate it from Gregory's stupidity...Issue 118 cover puts him there.

Ezekiel will also play a big role in the issue, likely that of a zombie slayer. I think part of the herd the rebels attracted in 116 will find the rebels hideout and attack. Ezekiel and Shiva will get separated from the group and we will see how strong their bond really is...we will also see Michonne go after him, believing him dead like Tyreese and Morgan. Should really help to make their relationship feel more authentic.

As for Holly, I see her getting treated nicely by Negan and Negan may offer her Dwight and a place of safety in exchange for some information on the rebel plans. I also think we will see a lot of Dwight in this issue as he carefully avoids Holly...heck maybe he will free her and let her in on Rick's plan...while also explaining that he is sorry for Abe and other's deaths.

In Closing

To sum up I thought the issue was great and it helped shed some light on what we can expect for the future of the war. I expect this issue to read better in trade format and to fit perfectly in the story when this arc is over.

Favorite Quote: "Your shitting pants. I hope you're wearing them right now...because you're about to shit your f****** pants. Look." - Negan

Favorite Moment: Holly proves see is not useless and drives the car through The Sanctuary's fence instead of Rick...saving his life.

Character of the Issue: Holly

Overall Score: 9/10 - Fantastic

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