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So here we are...ten years and still truckin'! I have to say a big thank you to Kirkman, Adlard and Rathburn for their hard work and dedication over these past ten years. Now that is out of the way, what did I think about Issue 115?

Well I thought it was another great issue, it was certainly not what I was expecting going into it. It was a great builder for the next (And certainly big) Issue. One has to wonder this really worthy of a tenth anniversary issue? I say yes, but I can't help but feel that Kirkman planned 116 to be originally on this month only to find out about the holidays.

So first things first...the artwork. We all probably noticed the new art style and were judgmental at first...however it quickly grew on me. I have to say that Dave Stewart and Stefano Gaudiano did fantastic jobs on the artwork and compliment Charlie's style well. It was certainly the best art we have had since Issue 100 and I can't help but feel this is due to Dave and Stefano's talents. The standout panels were the line up of the rebel alliance (Had to make a Star Wars reference) and the part were Jesus and Rick were talking just outside of The Sanctuary (Dat wind effect).

So how was the story? Well it was definitely a pace change from the previous four issues which seemed to take place over a couple of minutes. Issue 115 however takes place over the period of a day...a big day for the rebels. We see Rick's forces march upon The Sanctuary and confront Negan...however he quickly turns the table by revealing Gregory...who has sided with The Saviors and the remaining Hilltop fighters are now aligned with Negan.

Now it did feel like Kirkman was trying to keep the issue tension going...however I can't help but feel a little annoyed that the war has still not started. However this is compensated by some great character development (The bond between Andrea and Carl really stood out in Issue 115) and tense moments. It was good build and set-up for the rest of the war and positioning Rick's force like that leads everyone to believe that people are going to die.

Predictions For Issue 116=

Well since 115 practically ended seconds before the fighting started I guarantee that Issue 116 will be mostly...if not all action. With Holly being on the cover I can't help but suspect she will play the most important role. I also suspect that this role will be a bad one and she will mess something up and cause' the survivors to retreat (Maybe she will almost kill Dwight when he is about to assassinate Negan).

I will also say that for character deaths no one important will die, however there will be some lesser character deaths (Kal, Richard etc.). I expect Ezekiel and Shiva to become separated from the rest of the group. I think this will happen when Ezekiel spots Holly trying to kill Dwight and sets Shiva loose on her. However she manages to escape and Shiva runs after her...causing Ezekiel to follow.

In Closing

Overall I thought the Issue was great and served up some fantastic character development and interesting dynamics. I am interested to see how the war plays out and think that this will be the least important issue of the entire arc.

Favorite Quote: "Once, A long time ago, I made a rule...I think maybe it's time to finally stick to it. You kill and you die. - Rick Grimes

Favorite Moment: Gregory's cowardly betrayal, he sides with The Saviors over the Rebels.

Character of the Issue: Rick Grimes

Overall Score: 9.5/10 - Almost Perfect

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