Another month, another fantastic The Walking Dead Issue. I am sure many of you have read Issue 114 and I hope you liked it as much as I did.

I want to talk about the Artwork first, I thought this weeks featured some great art, the Carl and Rick scene was great and so was the Jesus fight scene. There were a couple of rough spots, the first three pages had some strange areas but that was mostly it. Another great effort by Adlard as he continues to prove that he is one of the better artists on the market. 

Next is the writing and plot direction. I thought this was on point as it has been for the last 20 issues, the plot is really kicking into pace by the end of the Issue and it leaves us with a great cliffhanger, which Kirkman is great at writing. This was a great lead-in Issue for things to come. We end with Negan declaring war on the communities and now he knows what is about to go down, yet he is still cracking jokes about a male's lower section and comparing this section to a helicopter...only Negan. 

My favorite part of the issue was Jesus kicking Savior and Negan butt, I don't know if him touching Lucille would classify as rape to if I was Jesus I would watch my back.

Predictions For Issue 115

So we all know this Issue marks the big one, the battle that may well define The Walking Dead. I believe that it will start out with Rick and the gang attacking The Sanctuary. We will get a semi-major character death in the first three pages, probably Nicholas or Heath. 

Near the end Holly will get a chance to kill Dwight, she will begin to chase him and they will have a confrontation in 116. Meanwhile Negan plans a counter attack and sends a boom squad to Alexandria to destroy it. Everyone else will be shooting people, biting people or Kung-Fu flipping around the place. 

Closing Thoughts

I thought the Issue was a fantastic lead-in Issue to 115 and "All Out War," as it sucessfully made Negan aware of the threat against him and it will give us a even playing field in the coming battle. Also for those who wanted a death, I think Kirkman is just saving people until "All Out War" were he will perform a mass murder and kill off most of the cast.

Favorite Quote: "Your soldiers suck" from Paul Monroe 

Favorite Moment: Paul "Jesus" Monroe kicking Savior butt

Character of the Issue: Paul "Jesus" Monroe

Overall Score: 9/10 - Fantastic

Warning: Off-Topic comments follow, however there about Negan and his quotes so read on!