Hello all! Today I am here to discuss the blogs and forums on this wiki. As some of you know, the forums have been implemented. However, they have been ignored by users who continue to post silly blogs (You are not getting banned or anything). Consider this blog the formal warning for this. If I see any blogs that are not at least more than 500 words (The exception being trailers, preview panels and wiki stuff, like this blog), or cover a blog worthy topic (Romances, vs. blogs, duplicates, off-topic, etc.), I will be deleting them. I will be going through the blog feed and deleting any blogs that I see are not worthy of blog status. You will be told of this if your's is deleted and directed towards the Forum feature. I suggest people use this now and I will be very harsh on this enforcement, I will ban users who continue to make non-worthy blogs. Hope everyone understands this and please take the time to familiarize yourself with this: Thread:166139.

Thanks Everyone!