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  • Gravelord

    So this news broke recently and is interesting to say the least:

    "Ok take a seat and listen up because this is some Grade-A awesome right here: at long last Robert Kirkman will be writing and Charlie Adlard will be drawing and inking the backstory of everyone’s favorite mother*#^$!%, Negan! This is no typical release though. The 48 pages of this story will be revealed over the course of the first twelve issues of Image+, which will be part of Diamond Comic Distributors’ monthly Previews Catalog. Image+ will also be available to purchase separate from the larger Previews Catalog for $1.99."


    "Each of the first twelve issues of Image+ magazine will feature an original, four-page THE WALKING DEAD story concerning Negan’s origins, and created b…

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  • Gravelord

    Now I know you are all probably thinking my title is clickbait or something, but I assure you it isn't. In the last few days it has dawned upon me that TV Tyreese might possibly be the absolute worst character in TWD history. Yes, I am talking worse than TV Andrea and TV Lori here. This blog might actually convince you that TV Tyreese is more mentally messed up than TV Rick, who is pretty fucking crazy.

    I will be tracking TV Tyreese's development throughout the seasons he has been on the show and let me tell you the end findings are shall I say? Disturbing. Now let's delve into this:

    So everyone was excited when Tyreese was announced to be debuting on the TV show in the Season 3 episode 'Made to Suffer.' All seemed well with his …

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  • Gravelord

    Wiki Updates

    March 30, 2014 by Gravelord

    Hello all! This is going to be a blog about what is happening in the wiki, as some recent changes have and will be happening soon. As you all know, I am an admin on this wiki and changing things up is something I must see to. Don't worry, though, none of these changes involve banning or deleting pages people have worked hard on. I just feel it is important to let y'all everything that has and will happen. So, sit back and read...then feel free to post any comments and all that jazz below.

    Yep, I am sure you can all remember the thousands of blogs a month ago about this. I would just like to reiterate and expand on this change. So yes, a non-news (Like a blog on issue previews) or non-admin blog (A blog like this) have to be over 300 words l…

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  • Gravelord

    Issue 123 - Preview

    March 8, 2014 by Gravelord

    Howdy! It has arrived, the long awaited preview for Issue 123 (Available on March 12th). Below is the cover and preview panels for the issue:  

    As per usual, the short previews for "All Out War" are continuing. This particular preview does not raise too many questions, but still provides us with out "The Walking Dead" fix. So, why is Dwight looking annoyed? Who is checking on Eugene is his cell? Are The Saviors really attacking The Hilltop now?

    Post any thoughts down below for #123!
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  • Gravelord

    Issue 122 - Review

    February 26, 2014 by Gravelord

    Hello and welcome to the Issue 122 master review blog! This is where you leave your thoughts on Issue 122. Make sure to leave a comment telling everyone your score and thoughts. Thanks.

    ""Negan has a plan.""
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