Hi guys! It's ILikeTWD, and I'm doing my first blog.

Let's begin

We all have seen the promo for the next episode, and we can see that Maggie, Sasha and Bob are gonna appear, also Daryl and Beth again. In the two sneak peeks, we can see that Maggie and friends are looking around the fog for walkers, then Walkers charge at them around. Maggie kills one walker, also Sasha, but Bob is seen to be surrounded by walkers. I've been repeating the sneak peeks all over again, and I noticed that a walker behind Bob is going to bite him.


Bob is not going to die, because I think that Maggie will pull the walker behind him and might fall on the ground, more walkers come and try to bite Sasha and Bob, leaving Maggie to struggle at the walker. (I mean the walker we saw in the promo that was trying to bite Maggie, and Maggie struggling to get free and to kill it.) I think none of them will die, because Sasha and Bob are helping each other on killing the walkers, while Maggie is struggling on one walker. I think Maggie won't die because she's struggling to one walker only, while Sasha and Bob are working together. Meanwhile, Beth and Daryl will stumble on a graveyard, We all can see that Daryl and Beth are standing in front of a tomb. Whose tomb could that be? A relative from Beth or Daryl? End of PREDICTION.


Who is going to die?

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