Okay, so the covers of Compendium 1 and 2 has both followed the same trend: 5-6 of the main characters in the upper row, who then appear reflected zombified and in the lower row. I just want to know which characters everybody thinks are going to appear on the cover for Compendium 3.

Walking dead compendium 1

Compendium One

Compendium 2 Cover

Compendium 2

Characters I'm sure will appear on the cover:

Rick: He's the main character, he has appeared on the last two covers, and he is the leader of the army in the fight against Negan - which takes up at least 5/8 of the compendium. Plus, he might get a hook hand if he survives, and that would be cool to see.

Jesus: He is Rick's new right hand man, and the two previous right hand men (Tyreese and Abraham) has both appeared on a cover. He is also the most important of the post-Alexandria characters, and plays a huge role in the War against Nega.

New Girl: The girl on the cover of issue 127 and 128. We don't know much about her, but I feel she will play a huge role in the story after All Out War.

That leaves two or three empty places.

Characters that might appear on the cover:

Carl: Main character, Rick's son, and so on. Also plays a big role in the story and in the war.

Michonne: Main character. But it might be a bit repetitive to have her appear in the third cover in a row, especially since she havn't really had a big role in the story this time.

Glenn: Now, I know he died like 1/12 of the way into the story. But his death had a hugely impact on the whole rest of the compendium, and was what kickstarted the war. Plus, for people who waits for the compendium to come out before reading it, his death would be an even bigger shock if he is on the cover.

Andrea: Very important character, Rick's love interest, and so on. I don't think she will appear, but it is possible, so she deserves a mention.

Maggie: Also an important character, and one that havn't appeared on a compendium cover yet. Plays a big part in the story. Of course, I might just mention her because she is my favorite.

Negan: I don't think he will, because he is an antagonist, but hey, I could see it happen.

Ezekiel: Pretty much the frontfigure of the Kingdom: if both him and Jesus and Rick appear on the cover, they would represent all the three communities.

Davis: Just because of this quote: "My dick and balls are hungry for death." He deserves to be on the cover for that alone. Okay, I'm just kidding.

Other possible characters could be Heath, Dwight, Eugene, Aaron.

What do you think?